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Prayer Targets: GW, Faithful Soldiers, States & Abortion, SSM, ENDA, Global Warming, Scouts

July 11, 2013

The fool hath said in his heart, there is no God... Have all the workers of iniquity no knowledge? Who eat up my people as they eat bread, and call not upon the LORD...God is in the generation of the righteous. Psalm 14:1-5

Dear Praying Friends,

Professor Rod Gragg directs the Center for Military and Veterans Studies at Coastal Carolina University. Author of 15 books, Gragg always includes the role of faith in the lives of the men and women who shaped America. For decades, organized groups have labored to expunge God from our history. Now, such groups are laboring to expunge Him from every aspect of American life. Gragg writes:

George Washington ... attested that "it is the duty of all Nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God," and repeatedly stated his conviction that America's future would be determined by "the hand of Providence." ... Washington's personal faith was consistently expressed in his professional life. He issued orders encouraging his troops to attend Sunday worship services in camp, ordered camp duties to be lightened, and forbade military reviews and avoided troop inspections on the Lord's Day. Regular participation in Sunday worship services by his troops, he announced at one point, "will reflect great credit on the army in general, tend to improve the morals, and at the same time, to increase the happiness of the soldiery, and must afford the most pure and rational entertainment for every serious and well disposed mind."

When the Continental Congress voted to provide each regiment with a chaplain, Washington urged ... "The Colonels or commanding officers of each regiment are directed to procure Chaplains ... of good Characters and exemplary lives," he ordered, and the troop ... "pay them a suitable respect and attend carefully upon religious exercises." Soon after ... Congress officially proclaimed a day of "public Humiliation, Fasting and Prayer"...Washington ordered his troops to "attend Divine Service, at the accustomed places of worship" even if they had to go armed and ready for battle...

As he strove to instill Judeo-Christian morality and discipline in the army, Washington even attempted to end the age-old soldier practice of profanity. "The General is sorry to be informed," he stated in a general order, "that the foolish, and wicked practice of profane cursing and swearing ... is growing into fashion; he hopes the officers will, by example, as well as influence, endeavour to check it, and that both they and the men will reflect, that we have little hopes of the blessing of Heaven on our Arms, if we insult it by our impiety, and folly; added to this, it is a vice so mean and low, without any temptation, that every man of sense, and character, detests and despises it" ... Washington ... believed it would take more than military discipline to [defeat the British]... Soon after taking command, he officially urged one of his commanding officers to encourage a "true Christian spirit" among the troops. Later he issued a general order reminding the soldiers of his army that the "blessings and protection of Heaven are at all times necessary, but especially so in times of public distress and danger." God could not be expected to provide those "blessings and protection," his order implied, if Americans in uniform did not conduct themselves with biblical standards of morality (Rod Gragg. By the Hand of Providence: How Faith Shaped the American Revolution, Ch. 4, 2011).

Washington set the tone for future presidents. Over time, with few exceptions, our presidents have departed from that high standard. Yet none has gone as far as Barack Obama to provoke America to depart from our Judeo-Christian heritage and to embrace a radically secular, pro-homosexual, and pro-abortion policy agenda. It is up to our generation both to pray and to stand, to reverse the damage done, and, with God's help, to turn America to God our Savior. It will take nothing less than our all!

U.S. Military Hostility Toward Christian Servicemen - On Tuesday, Restore Military Religious Freedom, a coalition of Congressman, Christian and conservative leaders spearheaded by FRC, conducted a press conference on Capitol Hill to explain the problem and issue a challenge to deal with the well documented hostility against Christians in the Armed Forces. The press conference urged Americans to support the insertion of language introduced by Rep. John Fleming (R-La.), into the Defense Authorization bill. Recently, 170,000 Americans signed petitions calling on Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel to step in to end the harassment of religious servicemen. But President Obama has registered his strong objection to the bill. In contradistinction to President Washington's view, the current President ironically believes such protections would negatively impact good order and discipline in the military. Apparently, good order and discipline means a military that is lock step with the administration's radical secular agenda, free of evangelical Christian voices and values (see Press Conference, Taking the Military at Faith Value,, FRC Special Report).

  • May millions of American Christians embrace the call to pray and stand up for America's fighting personnel and their religious liberty, given by God and guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. May the Fleming language remain on the final Defense Authorization bill and be signed by the President! (Josh 7:1; 22:20; 1 Chr 12:32-33; Num 32:23; Ps 60:10-12; 144:1 ff; Gal 5:13; Eph 6:10-20)

Obamacare Rule Change - In yet another proof that the government is not competent to control 1/6th of the American economy or "reduce costs" for anything rivaling that of the free market, the President has announced that the "Employer Mandate" will be suspended until after the 2014 elections. The Affordable Care Act requires employers with over 50 employees to provide premium health insurance coverage to all employees who work over 30 hours per week. Economists have debunked any illusion of savings from the ACA, and project huge increases in health insurance costs for most Americans. But economists also project that the Employer Mandate will cause thousands of businesses to reduce workers' hours, cut jobs, and not make new hires, rather than pay the high premiums required by the Mandate. Some political experts believe the administration, besides being unable to manage the mandate, have considered the negative consequences to the 2014 elections, as thousands of American voters will lose their jobs, victims of Obamacare. An effort is underway by Republicans to defer implementation of the "individual mandate" too, which will otherwise be enforced by the IRS and force younger and healthier Americans to buy expensive insurance to help fund Obamacare -- or face huge fines (Obama Suspends the Law, Delayed Ratification).

  • Almighty God, please help Congress and the people to organize effectively to overturn Obamacare. May more and more Americans see that the cost of Obamacare is the end of religious liberty and the economic enslavement of American families! (Jdg 9:8-15; Pr 10:9-22; Jer 17:5; Dan 6:9-13; Eph 15:26; Mt 6:33).

Finally, here are more issues requiring prayer: Texas & North Carolina Abortion Fights; Same-Sex Marriage Legal Assault on the States; Reintroduction of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA); Global Warming insanity; and the struggle for a new pro-family Boy Scouts Organization. America needs an army of dedicated prayer warriors! Thank you for praying.