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Prayer Targets: Obamacare Countdown; Navy Yard; Military Religious Liberty, Pillard, Benghazi, More

September 18, 2013

And what more shall I say? For the time would fail me to tell of Gideon... Barak... Samson... Jephthah... David... Samuel and the prophets: who through faith subdued kingdoms, worked righteousness, obtained promises... escaped the edge of the sword, out of weakness were made strong, became valiant in battle, turned to flight the armies of the aliens. Hebrews 11:32-34 NKJV

Dear Praying Friends,

E.M. Bounds' (1835-1913) books about prayer have no equal. Only two of his nine classics on prayer were published during his lifetime. Providentially, his manuscripts were preserved and are widely published today. In The Possibilities of Prayer, Bounds wrote:

God's omnipotent power is the basis of omnipotent faith and omnipotent praying. "All things are possible to him that believeth," and "All things whatsoever" are given to him who prays. God's decree and death yielded readily to Hezekiah's faith and prayer. When God's promise and man's praying are united by faith, then "nothing shall be impossible." Importunate prayer is so all powerful and irresistible that it obtains promises, or wins where the prospect and the promise seem to be against it. In fact, the New Testament promise includes all things in heaven and in earth. God, by promise, puts all things he possesses into man's hands. Prayer and faith put man in possession of this boundless inheritance.

Prayer is not an indifferent or small thing. It is not a sweet little privilege. It is a great prerogative, far-reaching in its effects. Failure to pray entails losses far beyond the person who neglects it. Prayer is not a mere episode of the Christian life. Rather the whole life is a preparation for and the result of prayer. In its condition, prayer is the sum of religion. Faith is but a channel of prayer. Faith gives it wings and swiftness.

Prayer is the lungs through which holiness breathes. Prayer is not only the language of spiritual life, but also makes its very essence and forms its real character.

O for a faith that will not shrink though pressed by every foe;

That will not tremble on the brink of any earthly woe.

Lord, give us such a faith as this... whatever may come...

(E.M. Bounds, The Possibilities of Prayer, Chapter 4).

Bounds viewed faith and prayer as tied together in one inseparable bond - each was impossible without the other. Amid Bible history's catalog of the "heroes of faith," we are told that God expects faith from each of us: "But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him" (Heb. 11:6). Ancient Israel faced periods of faith's decline, accompanied by deep bondage to sin. America is in such a decline. More than anything, America needs men and women of faith and prayer who will wrestle and prevail against the "principalities," "powers," "rulers of the darkness," and the "spiritual wickedness in high places" that seek to enslave our churches, our fellow countrymen and nation (Eph. 6:12).

Obamacare Countdown - Many believe that if Obamacare is not stopped now, it will never be stopped. Republicans in the House have wrestled over this dilemma. If Congress fails to act, on October 1, just two weeks from today, state and federal insurance exchanges will open, and HHS "Navigators" will begin their drive to sell and give away as many government subsidized insurance policies as they can.

HHS shamelessly granted funds to community organizers, Planned Parenthood, and other pro-Obamacare businesses and non-profits to run their Navigator program across America -- unvarnished political payback for past support. Tax-funded Navigators will peddle free and low-cost government subsidized health care policies directly to individuals and families. Shockingly, the Navigators, who will be handling super-sensitive applicant information, were not adequately scrutinized in their own hiring process, nor have they been adequately trained. Unbelievably, the government still has no income verification system set up to prevent fraud by persons ineligible for government subsidies. Last week, the House passed Rep. Diane Black's (R-Tenn.) bill to require a verification system. Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) has a similar measure in the Senate.

Pro-lifers are concerned that while Americans are becoming even more pro-life, this law will bring the largest expansion of abortion since Roe v. Wade. Moreover, HHS hired Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in America, to market their plan. Obamacare requires employers, against their consciences; to provide their employees insurance that includes the abortifacient morning-after pill.

Conservatives are also rightly concerned about the financial impact. Obamacare will radically increase the number of Americans dependent upon government, grow federal entitlement spending, increase the federal deficit, the national debt, and, eventually the unfunded mandate forced upon states. Few Americans want their private health records on file in a federal database in Washington, D.C. Two new polls show that a strong, growing majority of Americans oppose Obamacare, even while its implementation is imminent. Even the AFL-CIO is against it!

Plans to defund Obamacare have been considered, but wrangling between leaders and House conservatives has kept them from going forward. The President threatens to veto any plan to defund or delay his law. If tied to a Continuing Resolution (CR -- a temporary measure to fund government), he promises to veto then blame Republicans for a government shutdown.

Rep. Tom Graves' (R-Ga.) Security, Stability, and Fairness Resolution (52 co-sponsors), offers hope: fund the government (CR), but pay nothing for Obamacare. It is the Constitutional duty of the House to do this. Senate conservatives welcome the plan, but must attach it to other, must-pass legislation. Tony Perkins is urging people to contact their members of Congress.

Meanwhile, Sen. David Vitter (R-La.) is using procedures with the Senate energy bill to address other problems in Obamacare. He wants to hold up any vote until a majority of the federal bureaucracy, and White House officials -- have been switched to Obamacare. As it now stands, Congress and federal officials will receive a special subsidy to protect them from the full force of the law. Vitter's amendment would block tax credits for Congress and require the President and Vice President to participate in the same Obama health insurance plans (see Debt Hike, CR & Obamacare, Veto Promised, Two New Polls, Train Wreck/Corruption, Navigators Inadequately Trained, Not Qualified? Just Lie, Black Verification System Bill, Obamacare in Graves Danger, Graves' Resolution).

  • Father, have mercy! We have groaned at the thought of this threat since it was passed in 2009, yet far worse is to come, unless You intervene. Americans are confused, and few understand this. Please forgive our sins that justify such bondage, and deliver us. Stir Americans who do understand to speak out during the short two weeks ahead! Grant our Congressmen the courage, will and unction to vote to defund Obamacare and to explain their reasons clearly to the American people. Intervene to prevent further lies and manipulation to advance a socialist system that Americans do not want. Lord, You are our Healer and the Hope of our nation! (Ex 2:24; 4:15; 6:5; 15:26; Josh 1:7; Neh 9:26-31; Is 58:1; Dan 9:3-17; Mt 21:22; Jn 14:13; 15:16; 16:23; Act 7:34; Rev 12:11)

Finally, there is much to pray about, such as the senseless shooting of innocent Americans at the Navy Yard installation in Washington, D.C. -- pray for the victims and their families; the Pentagon's continuing violations of our fighting servicemen's religious liberty (more); the President's nomination of radical feminist Cornelia Pillard to the powerful D.C. Circuit Court; the launch of a new Christian Scouting program -- Trail Life USA; the continuing situation in Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East; the Benghazi investigation, etc. Yet, Obamacare, if not stopped, will impact generations of Americans from cradle to grave. Thank you for praying!