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Prayer Targets: More Hoover; Obama Slimdown; Values Voter Summit

October 10, 2013

For we hear that there are some which walk among you disorderly, working not at all, but are busybodies. Now them that are such we command and exhort by our Lord Jesus Christ, that with quietness they work, and eat their own bread. 2 Th 3:11-12

Dear Praying Friends,

Last week I shared excerpts from former President Herbert Hoover's 80th birthday speech. He was deeply disturbed by leftward turn of the Roosevelt administration and its long-term impact on America. His remarks are relevant today, given the current struggle between the House, Senate and President over spending, debt, Obamacare, etc. Here are more:

The progress of freedom is a never ending struggle to prevent the abuse of Power whether by individuals, groups, government or nations. Our founding fathers created unique restraints on power by the Bill of Rights and a structure of built-in checks and balances. Among these ...was a division of power between the federal and state governments and between the three branches of government [but] these separations of power became seriously confused, corroded and weakened... [We have] a federal government that has grasped many of the vital functions of state and local governments.

Some of the corrosions of our division of power... come from various infections of socialism... Some... come from the discovery that it is easy for the federal government to light the magic power of federal credit. But the flame that warms can also consume the safeguards of free men... the growth of a huge centralized bureaucracy... invade[s] the personal freedom of every citizen, every moment of every hour. The remedy is to restore the checks and balances of power, to reinvigorate state and local governments and to deflate the bureaucratic empires. My countrymen, all these corrosions of the checks and balances of power call for constant battle from you the people. They must be wiped out if you would stay fully free...

The socialists prowl on many fronts... They try to absorb the income of the people by unnecessary government spending and exorbitant taxes... Every step of these programs somewhere, somehow, stultifies the freedom, the incentives, the courage, and the creative impulses of our people... In the Iron Curtain states, it was socialist intellectuals who weakened the freedom of men by destroying free enterprise... by which the Communists captured the ship of state... Moreover, this cult has a host of gimmicks for giving away the people's money. Among their ideas is that government should guarantee every citizen security - cradle to grave... [But] even if [government] could eliminate the risks of life, it would be a dead hand on the creative spirit of our people. Also, the judgment of the Lord to Adam about sweat has not been repealed...

[But] if we maintain free minds, free spirits, and direct our steps aright, still other new horizons and new frontiers are open to us. New inventions and new applications of old knowledge will come to us... Daily they prove the reality of an all wise Supreme Giver of Law... Civilization [will] not decline and fall while people still possess dynamic creative faculties, devotion to religious faith and love for liberty...

The Obama "Slim-down" - Herbert Hoover's fears have proven more than justified. With the national debt at $17 trillion, President Barack Obama has nearly doubled the $9 trillion debt he inherited from George W. Bush just 5 years ago. Our children have already become "national debt slaves" to foreign debt holders - especially China. Meanwhile, all this money has been used to expand bureaucracy and impose harmful programs upon the American people. The net effect of Obamacare is to tax us into poverty (The Supreme Court ruled that Obamacare is a tax). Studies show that Obamacare, rather than saving families an average of $2,500 per year as President Obama promised, will cost the average family $7,450 more each year. What families can afford that? The President's plan was passed by outright fraud. Are the American people helpless? If the House, which is tasked by the Constitution to control the nation's wallet, does not reverse it, who will? And with the nation on the verge of bankruptcy, if not now, when?

Wednesday, September 25th was Deficit Day 2013. From that day until December 31, every penny the federal government spends will be newly borrowed. Congress must soon authorize the debt ceiling, which it established, to be raised so that the President can continue to borrow beyond October 17th. If ever the House was in a position to use its authority to bring it to a halt, it is now. If not now, when? Scripture has much to say about money, stewardship and debt - individual and national. America cannot borrow and spend itself into prosperity. Coupled with our rush to socialism, we face ruin on our current course. Only God's mercy and our repentance, citizen action and strong, godly leadership can turn the tide (see Glitches, $7,450 more per Family, 85% Funded).

  • Pray that conservatives in the House and Senate will not succumb to a godless compromise and that the Senate will not try the "nuclear option" (change senate rules to require just 51 not 60 votes to end a filibuster and force a vote). Pray that the American people will wake up and demand that their Senators defer implementation of Obamacare and find a responsible compromise on the continuing resolution and debt ceiling (Ps 57:9-1; 101:1-7; Pr 1:10-16; 6:1-5; 24:21-25; Mt 5:34-37).

Values Voter Summit (VVS) - The 8th annual Values Voter Summit will commence today, October 10th, and continue through Sunday morning, October 13th. True conservative and Christian leaders will address mostly like-minded believers. The speakers have devoted their lives to rebuilding the godly foundations of our nation. Several potential 2016 presidential contenders will be with us. Conservative "movers and shakers" in Congress will speak about the major issues and battles in which they are involved and for which we need to be praying. These are champions who sacrifice daily to defend religious liberty, life, family, faith and freedom.

Fortunately for those who cannot travel to Washington, DC to be a part of this great gathering in person, the plenary speeches and panels will be broadcast via the internet all day Friday and Saturday.

Deeply informative and highly inspirational, this will give Christian and conservative activists courage and encouragement to carry on the fights they face with energy, wisdom and faith. It will inspire attendees from across America, many who are believers, to stand for righteousness in their own communities and states. Pro-life, pro-family, pro-marriage and pro religious liberty activists will go home much better equipped. Thank God for them!

Those who have responded to God's prayer call, "first of all," "for kings and all those in authority" (1 Th 2:1 ff) will also be greatly equipped by this once-a-year opportunity. If you have friends with whom you pray, please consider inviting them to your home to watch the VVS webcast, and prayer together. You should know that there has been a radical effort by anti-Christian radicals to undermine and obstruct this event. I'll tell you more in future Targets. But in the meantime, your prayers are needed. There will be many media covering the event in person.

  • May God make VVS 2013 the spiritually powerful, nation-changing event it is intended to be! May He stir praying believers across America to tune in on Friday and Saturday (by Internet) and to pray. May He direct the media to report accurately. May God raise up adequate prayer support for the army of believers he is stirring to run for office, to support Godly candidates and to get involved in bringing godly change to our nation, before it is too late. Because much prayer must precede political and policy victories, may He raise up hundreds of thousands more genuine prayer warriors to pave the way for god-fearing men and women to turn our nation back to God.

Finally, please join us at VVS via the internet (, beginning Friday morning at 8:40 AM. Review the Sponsors, examine the Speaker's List and Schedule, and make time to watch and hear as much of this amazing event as you can. Please also remember to pray for Billy Graham's My Hope Campaign, which will soon be upon us. Thank you for praying!