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Prayer Targets: Watchmen; CPC's Threatened; Abortion; Marriage & Taxes; Parental Rights; Obamacare

November 20, 2013

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished. Proverbs 22:3, 27:12

Dear Praying Friends,

Dr. Henry Blackaby, Pastor and Bible College President (bio), is best known as author (with Claude King) of Experiencing God: Knowing and Doing the Will of God (1990). It sold over 7 million copies in 45 languages. Speaking on the National Day of Prayer in 2004, Blackaby said:

When God sets watchmen on the walls of a nation, God knows there's impending danger. The enemy is coming. [T]he watchman was assigned to watch carefully, night and day. And whatever they saw they were to announce, so that God's people would know how to respond... God says [in] Isaiah Chapter 62... "I have set watchmen on your walls... O Jerusalem." What if God were saying -- and I believe He is -- "I've set watchmen on your walls, O America"? ... Do you know how to identify the spiritual watchmen that have been set on the walls of America? ...

A watchman is on a 24-hour alert... whatever they see and whatever they hear, they're to immediately let the people of God know...

God set watchmen on the walls of Israel because their sin had reached a point in the mind and heart of God that He -- God -- was going to send an enemy against them and destroy them. There was a point when Israel refused to repent. [W]hen God blows the trumpet and calls for repentance on the part of His people, if His people simply say, "Lord, what do we need to repent of?" it means they're a long ways away from God...

You see, America is the result of the condition of God's people. We hold the condition of the nation in our hands. And when God brought judgment on Israel, it was God's people who never recognized that they had departed from the heart of God. They no longer heard the voice of God... they'd turned away from God and they would not return.

So He set spiritual watchmen on the walls of the nation and they did blow the trumpet. The prophets spoke out but God's people killed the prophets... the people never heard.

Now... our generation is no different.... Do you not already hear the warnings of God? Do you not already hear that the enemy is coming in like a flood? God is trying to raise up a standard against it, and you and I are the standard...

Jerusalem and Judah never heard... and God destroyed them... God said, "I'll send My Son. Surely they will hear Him." ... The Son of God preached to God's people? "Repent..." If the Lord Jesus tonight... His first word would be to you and to me? "Repent!" ...

If we don't understand how we need to repent...does the nation stand a chance of survival? God is trying to say to US: "YOU need to stand before Me... Then [I will] tell you what I see and what I hear among God's people here in America..." Then we need immediately to turn around from the way we've been going and return to Him...

He's setting in the midst of our nation spiritual watchmen (intercessors)... He assigns them. He never asks for volunteers. ... Let me ask you about your time in the presence of God. Do you know what God is saying about the nation? Do you know how close we are to judgment, or blessing? ...

I believe that God is saying to America: "I set before you today life and blessing, death and cursing. If you obey Me ... if you return to Me ... if you take Me seriously ... then you will live. But if you don't, you will die. I believe that God makes no exceptions, plays no favorites. And if you have any sensitivity to what's happening in America today, you would tremble, because God has never allowed a nation who had so much of the blessing of God and turned aside from it so thoroughly -- ever to survive... I believe that we're standing on the edge... that God's people hold the key to the future... (Blackaby, Lancaster, PA, May 6, 2004,

Pray for the States in our United States:

New York: New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio, elected last week, is promising to wipe out all pro-life crisis pregnancy centers in his city. Forty-one percent of pregnancies in NYC end in abortion. The Mayor is partnering with Planned Parenthood and others to expand abortion, offering them "city-sponsored" space to locate in areas that do not have convenient "access" to clinics. (see LifeSiteNews; Breitbart; FRC's Anna Higgins' Responds)

Missouri - Gov. Jay Nixon (D) has issued an executive order to state tax officials to accept tax returns jointly filed by same-sex couples who have legally "married" in other states. He says that his order does not authorize same-sex "marriage," but "is about the structure of our tax code." But Nixon is a believer in same-sex "marriage," saying he hopes voters will have a chance to "revisit" the marriage amendment, adding: "I think if folks want to get married, they should be able to get married." (see Ignoring the Constitution)

Virginia - The ACLU of Virginia is challenging the state's decision to decouple federal and state income tax "married" filing status, saying it is discriminatory. States across the nation are dealing with this since most have connected their tax filing to the federal form (VA Marriage Deduction).

New Jersey - In August, Gov. Chris Christie, following California's example, signed a bill outlawing conversion therapies on children under 18 who are struggling with their sexual identity, citing health risks, such as depression and suicide. A District court has already ruled the law constitutional. But a family who wants to offer their 15-year-old son counseling because of his same-sex attractions is suing the state and Christie, citing the law's violation of their freedom of speech, free exercise of religion, and fundamental parental rights. (see Lawsuit)

Kentucky - Gov. Steve Beshear (D) has ordered his state's National Guard to provide marriage benefits to homosexual guardsmen and women who have been legally married elsewhere. Four such couples are already receiving benefits. Kentucky's Marriage Amendment, enacted by the voters, defines marriage as between a man and a woman. Yet Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has directed state National Guards to embrace the policy prescribed by the U.S. Military under the Obama administration since the Supreme Court struck down parts of the Defense of Marriage Act. This is despite the fact that the state National Guards serve under the authority of the state Governors, except in National emergencies when the President has activated the Guard. Governors of Marriage Amendment states are faced with a predicament -- honor their own constitution and assert its authority, or submit to federal policy -- refusing or succumbing. Traditional marriage advocates object (see Benefits v. State Constitution).

Wisconsin - A Wisconsin Special Prosecutor has subpoenaed dozens of conservative groups demanding documents related to the 2011 and 2012 campaigns to recall Governor Scott Walker and state legislative leaders. The Wall Street Journal calls the action a "Political Speech Raid" and compares it to the IRS abuse of the tea parties and other conservative organizations. Among the targeted groups are the League of American Voters, Wisconsin Family Action, Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce, Americans for Prosperity-Wisconsin, American Crossroads, the Republican Governors Association, Friends of Scott Walker and the Republican Party of Wisconsin (see No longer secret probe, Local News, Breitbart, Wall Street Journal).

  • May God raise up leaders in each state, "blue" and "red," to champion righteous public policy and defeat policies that coerce businesses, schools, military, non-profit groups, families and individuals to do what the Scriptures call evil. May the state actions outlined above be defeated or overturned. May God raise up skilled Watchmen in every state -- pastors and intercessors -- who will both seek God's face and warn the people! May He find full and adequate repentance among us in this dark hour!

Finally, the expose of Obamacare continues daily. In March, consultants thoroughly warned the administration about the risks of an October rollout of the program, but their warnings were ignored. The new Obama fix could require another huge government bailout of the insurance industry, and it is already providing huge special benefits to unions. Meanwhile, 39 House Democrats joined Republicans to vote for Rep. Fred Upton's (R-MI) bill to allow insurance companies to renew policies cancelled or soon-to-be cancelled due to Obamacare. Meanwhile, as political turmoil is rampant in the states and Washington, D.C., deadly storms produced over 80 tornadoes, devastating communities in the Midwest -- the worst ever in Illinois. Dr. Daniel Dreisbach's lecture on the biblical language of the Gettysburg Address, delivered and posted yesterday, is a must see! Thank you for your much-needed prayer over these issues!