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Prayer Targets: Obamacare: Immoral, Unfair, Unaffordable, Unworkable; Dr. Wayne Grudem, Stem Cells

December 04, 2013

Surely at the commandment of the LORD came this upon Judah... for the sins of Manasseh... the innocent blood that he shed: for he filled Jerusalem with innocent blood; which the LORD would not pardon. 2 Kg 24:2-4

Dear Praying Friends,

Dr. C. Everett Koop (1916-2013) was Chief of Surgery at Children's Hospital in Philadelphia when President Reagan appointed him the 13th U.S. Surgeon General (1982-1989). In 1976 Koop spoke to the American Academy of Pediatrics, which had awarded him the William E. Ladd Medal, the highest honor given pediatric surgeons in America. He said:

[One] potentially destructive force against mankind which, because of the nature of human beings, may not be controllable until it has inexorably pursued its path of destruction...[is] the growing disregard for life itself... the sanctity of human life. Given the conflicting concerns of our generation -- the specter of famine... financial chaos... the intrusion of violence as an accepted thing into our culture... declining morality in all the affairs of men... when the inevitable swing of the pendulum takes place and life once again becomes precious, it might be too late to stop the slide that will ultimately herald the decline and demise of our civilization...

I see the trends in our society and recognize the acquiescence, if not the leadership, of the medical profession down a path which in my judgment leads to destruction...

In 1973, I predicted ten consequences of the Supreme Court's decision on abortion that would remarkably-deleteriously-affect the society in which we live. All ten of these prophetic statements have found realization in historical fact [just 3 years after Roe]... I expressed the concern that abortion of somewhere between a million and two million unborn babies a year would lead to such cheapening of human life that infanticide would not be far behind. Well, you all know that infanticide is being practiced right now in this country... [by] that segment of our profession which has always stood in the role of advocate for the lives of children... (Koop then documents the dialogue among his scientific peers over whether the elderly ill and handicapped infants should be allowed to live, presenting their arguments for life and death)...

We here should be old enough to know that history does teach lessons. Destructiveness eventually is turned on the destroyer and self-destruction is the result... Look at Nazi Germany...

We are an enthusiastic and an aggressive people and one of our tendencies is to make decisions on the basis of expediency -- to take shortcuts to solutions... We must be very careful not to throw the baby out with the bathwater... in what seems at first glance to be a commendable goal to make life easy for parents and to remove burdens from society...

I see the progression from abortion to infanticide, to euthanasia, to the problems that developed in Nazi Germany... having just visited Auschwitz...and having read extensively from the Germans' own reports about what went on there, I view what we are experiencing now as a dynamic situation which can accelerate month by month until the progress of our downhill momentum cannot be stopped. (Koop, The Slide to Auschwitz, Oct. 18, 1976, The Human Life Review, Spring 1977).

Forty years have passed since Roe v. Wade. Koop's reasons for concern have only become graver, with the forced passage and rushed implementation of Obamacare being the latest major step downward.

Update on Obamacare - The website President Obama promised would be repaired by November 30th, still prevents applicants from purchasing insurance. Politico reports that industry officials say "a startlingly high percentage" -- 1/3 of applicants -- have problems on the back end, "and it could affect whether people end up with coverage on Jan. 1 or not." Cybersecurity experts say no user's private information is safe; that security was not built into the structure of the website and a multitude of programs associated with it. With a project of this magnitude, near perfect security is essential. Years will be required to create the security patchwork necessary to make the website safe for users.

December 23rd, just two weeks away, is the deadline for applicants who hope to be insured by January 1, a challenge for millions who have been notified that their insurance has been cancelled or will not be renewed. President Obama, in an effort to make up for broken promises ("If you like your policy you can keep it"), illegally extended an extra year to canceled policy holders based on the assumption that their insurance companies and state commissioners would go along with the plan, but not all did.

By January 1, all individual Americans must be enrolled in an Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliant plan or be subject to fines. Unless your insurance company reissued you a cancelled policy, you are covered under your employer who has a compliant plan, you are employed by a 50+ employee company to which the President gave an extra year to comply, or you are covered by Military benefits, Medicaid or Medicare, you must obtain a compliant policy or pay fines. This past week, President Obama announced that businesses with fewer than 50 employees could not use to purchase insurance on the healthcare law's marketplaces. They must still do so by January 1, 2014 to qualify for subsidies under Obamacare, but must submit paper applications or use a broker to purchase compliant policies. The administration promised a website for smaller employers by November 2014. While employers with fewer than 50 employees who work over 30 hours are not required to provide plans, their employees are still responsible to purchase their own qualifying plans.

Last month, President Obama announced the delay of the employer mandate for businesses with over 50 employees -- originally set to kick in this January (legal experts say the delay was illegal). The mandate requires those companies to provide employees who work over 30 hours ACA compliant insurance or pay a monthly fine for each employee. Since a majority of Americans' health insurance is paid, at least in part, by their employer, this gives breathing room but a second wave of insurance cancellations will come before that deadline -- January 1, 2015, intentionally delayed until after the 2014 elections to blunt what could have been a bloodbath for Democrats who voted for the President's plan. Not surprisingly, politicos say the Democrats are beginning to distance themselves from the President.

Meanwhile the HHS mandate, Obamacare's egregious rule requiring all employers to provide insurance covering a drugs that can act as abortifacients and contraceptives -- against their faith and conscience -- is heading to the Supreme Court. Of the 89 lawsuits against the mandate, the Court has chosen Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood to consider.

Our prayers must focus, not on the website or the deadlines, but that, at its core, Obamacare is immoral, unfair, unaffordable and unworkable. Only repentance, extraordinary prayer and supernatural grace will empower our elected leaders to stop it! (see Front-End-Only; Heritage: ACA Affects Everyone's Coverage; Hackers; Website Delayed; Keep it One Year; Mandate; Info Central; Religious Freedom from Obamacare; FRC-Rasmussen Polls; Mid-terms).

No one seems able to stop "the progress of our downhill momentum" that Dr. Koop spoke about. But God's people, with wholehearted repentance, extraordinary prayer, bold Gospel proclamation, speaking the truth in love about the evils of Obamacare, and using our freedom as citizens to influence and elect leaders who will vote right, can stop this madness with God's promises and prayer! (Eph 6:10-20) God works miracles! (Ps 2:8; Mt 18:10-20)

  • May God stir his people and quiet Americans who know this is wrong, to pray and act! May His praying people recognize how truly dangerous this law is! May they boldly pray and recruit others to pray for the law's repeal by the merciful Hand of God! May He move upon our High Court to rule decisively for religious liberty. May God-fearing men and women win House and Senate seats in November 2014, and public offices across America. May God send us the Christian revival we so desperately need! (Ex 15:26; 18:21; Lev 18:26; Neh 9:32; Pr 14:34; Ps 83:1-4; 85:6; 107:2; 109:1-4; Pr 26:23-28)

Prayer is needed over many issues, but few more urgently than this. Please visit the Prayer Targets archive for more issues and pray as you are able. Pray, too, over the good news that serious funding is beginning to flow away from unethical and to ethical stem cell research! Today, Dr. Wayne Grudem spoke at FRC about his new book, The Poverty of Nations. Click here to view the video. It will help and encourage you to persevere in the fight to preserve our nation and the Christian roots from which it sprang! Thank you for praying!