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Prayer Targets: Roe v. Wade; the End of Abortion; March for Life; the U.S., Iran & Israel

January 22, 2014

"Thou shalt not Kill" Ex 20:13; Dt 5:17; Mt 5:21; Rom 13:9

Dear Praying Friends,

Today was the 41st anniversary of the infamous U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Roe v. Wade. The ruling signaled a sweeping departure from God, God's Law, the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights and its heritage as a champion of life and liberty. God still awaits our repentance as a nation.

That departure really began in 1962, when the Court ruled teacher-led prayer in our public schools unconstitutional and in 1963, ruled similarly against teacher-led Bible reading. Ten years later the Court ruled in Roe, that abortion -- the taking of an innocent unborn baby's life, at any time during her 9 months of pregnancy -- was a woman's Constitutional right. Statisticians point to 1962 as the end of a long period of social stability characterized by stable marriages, parental responsibility, intact families, regular church attendance, a strong work and thrift ethic, etc., and the beginning of a period of rapid social, moral and spiritual decline. But the legalization of abortion was a new threshold. The decline has continued, rapidly accelerating in recent years. Few realize how serious withholding prayer and Bible reading from America's children was (Mt 18:3-6; Mk 10:13-16). But one needn't be a Christian to see horror of losing 56 million innocent unborn children to abortion, a third of the number of persons under 40 living in America today.

Roe v. Wade created the American nightmare. Some of our Presidents have added to it by embracing Roe as our standard and using our government to promote the practice of abortion worldwide, only multiplying our national sin and guilt. Now, unless Congress acts to stop it, taxpayers will pay for one of the largest expansions of abortion since Roe, via subsidized, government-approved insurance policies that cover abortions and "free" abortifacient morning-after pills distributed to American women and girls. America's largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, receives half of its $billion-plus budget from taxpayers -- essentially an annual government "bailout." The abortion giant is also an approved "health care provider" under Obamacare.

All this must and will end, either because American Christians repent per 2 Chr 7:14, AND succeed in winning the hearts of the American people AND in reversing the decisions and laws that perpetuate this evil OR because God disciplines America for our active and passive complicity in the shedding of innocent blood, just as He has promised in Scripture to do. Violence may proliferate (Gal 6:7-9), assaults may come from foreign enemies (2 Kgs 24:2-4), tyrannical leaders may arise to oppress us (Lev 26:15-21; 1 Sam 10:18-19; 1Kg 12:13-15), or other consequences forewarned in Deuteronomy 28 and elsewhere in Scripture, may come upon us.

Yet God's mercy is immense! His judgments thus far have been remedial, seemingly intended to get our attention and draw us back to Him (but they are increasing in number and severity).

Yet many are "standing in the gap," mitigating God's judgments, at least in part. Individual believers and groups who are interceding before God's throne with prayer and action. Their obedience may have forestalled God's wrath and given America space to repent: 1) The growing interdenominational prayer movement, with its emphasis on 2 Chr 7:14; 2) The pro-life, pro-family movement that is working day and night to educate Americans and to influence civil government to defend life, uphold God's law and the Constitution, to advocate for virtue in law and seeking to elect god-fearing leaders; 3) The caring ministry of over 2,000 privately supported Christian crisis pregnancy centers across America now dwarfs the shrinking number of abortion clinics (see A Passion to Serve: How Pregnancy Resource Centers Empower Women, Help Families and Strengthen Communities); 4) Pastors and churches that are faithfully preaching teaching and living their faith and commitment to life in their communities. 5) Christian families are adopting unwanted children in every state. Twenty years ago, U.S. abortion clinics numbered 2,100; last January there were just over 600; abortions continue to decrease; last year (2013), 12% of all surgical abortion clinics, either closed or ceased providing surgical abortions.

Were it not for Obamacare and taxpayer funding, the abortion industry would be in even greater decline. Many dedicated and stalwart leaders have long advocated for women and the unborn, like Nellie Gray, who began the March for Life in 1974 to protest the Roe v. Wade decision. She persisted in leading the annual march in Washington for 38 years (Nellie died in August 2012 at 88 -- see Tribute). Rep. Chris Smith (R-N.J.), who came to Congress in 1980 at age 27, has been a tireless champion for life for 34 years in the House of Representatives (see Smith Video). And there are thousands of such champions across America. They are not going away!

  • Father, forgive us, for our implicit and complicit involvement in the national sin and moral crime of abortion. Awaken us from our blindness and stir us to repentance. May the small majority of Americans who declare themselves pro-life, grow to become an overwhelming majority (Pr 1:10-18; Lk 23:24; Jn 16:6-11; 2 Cor 4:3-4; 1 Jn 5:11-20).
  • May those who have stood in the gap for many years not grow weary but be energized even today. Raise up a generation of young people who will carry on the fight for Life and bring the American abortion nightmare to an end! (Ps 110:3; Eze 22:30; Mt 16:18; 2 Cor 2:14; Gal 6:8-9; 1 Tim 4:12)
  • This election year, advance candidates who value life! May the American people choose leaders who will defend life and defeat abortion. Make the U.S. Senate a majority pro-life chamber and add prolife members to the House of Representatives. Raise up principled, God-fearing men and women who will protect the sanctity of life in our laws and repeal laws that harm unborn children, their mothers and fathers, and society (Ex 18:21; Dt 30:19; 2 Sam 23:2-4; Ps 75:6-8; Dan 2:21; 1 Tim 3:2).
  • May God help those laboring to overturn Obamacare, which is rife with abortion and abortion advocacy. May they see You, Lord, prevail (Lev 20:1-5; 26:1; Acts 26:22; Rom 1:28-32; 1 Jn 3:8).
  • May Americans dazzled by the false promise of lower cost or free healthcare realize that they have bought into a lie that will result in increased, taxpayer-funded abortion, but also substandard healthcare, greater cost, reduced innovation, diminished care for the elderly, fewer doctors to serve more people, longer waits for care and very soon, rationing, etc. (1 Sam 8:7-20; Mt 7:15-20; 16:26; 23:27; Jn 7:24; 2 Th 2:10b-11).
  • May courageous medical professionals, insurers, business leaders, citizen groups, and rank and file American workers arise to say, "enough!" May Obamacare tumble as a new generation of pro-life leaders from both parties work together to fashion healthcare laws that at their core, value life - from conception to natural death -- and free-market measures -- wholly opposite of a death-filled socialistic government program (Gen 45:5-7; Ps 103:2-4; 133: all; Pr 12:10; Jonah 4:10-11; Lk 4:18; Jn 10:10; 2 Cor 3:17; Gal 5:1).
  • May God have mercy upon America and use conviction over the sin of Abortion to turn men and women's hearts to Christ, our Great Physician. You, Lord, can say "take up thy bed and walk" AND "Thy sins be forgiven thee." You are the healer of all our diseases - spirit, mind and body. You can heal our health care system and our land. You can restore godly foundations in our culture and institutions: 1) Family, 2) Government, 3) Church, 4) Media, 5) Business, 6) Education 7) Military, 8) Medicine, Science & Technology (Ex 15:26; Mt 28:18-20; Mk 2:3-12; Rom 9:22-23; Jude 1:20-25).

Finally, a few more things to pray over: The Utah same-sex marriage case; the State Defense of Marriage Act; Congress's effort to deal with the Benghazi disaster; Israel, Iran and U.S. (a new poll shows 2/3 of Israelis have no confidence in President Obama to prevent a nuclear armed Iran); Citizen opposition to the federal Common Core Curriculum, is reaching critical mass, though a majority of states have already adopted it (More in the next Prayer Targets). As always, thank you for praying!