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Prayer Targets: Prayer Breakfast; College Vigil; Abortion Funding; US & Israel; IRS Targeting; SPLC

February 05, 2014

Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity. 1Timothy 4:12

Dear Praying Friends,

With a few exceptions, America's colleges and universities have become left wing indoctrination centers. Popular youth culture and classroom instruction combine to steep our young people in atheism, false religion, religious relativism, socialist economics, infatuation with sex, hostility toward traditional Christian and American values, anti-Israeli and pro-Palestinian sentiments, radical environmentalism, global warming, and other radical liberal views that plant doubt and cynicism into their hearts. The young men and women who will lead the nation are being systematically indoctrinated into an anti-Christian worldview. Is it any wonder so many students abandon their faith in college? Enter the Collegiate Day of Prayer, America's first national college prayer movement. From CDOP:

The early records of many of our foremost universities read like a virtual history of spiritual revival. No other nation has ever enjoyed as many student awakenings for as many consecutive years as the United States of America. These student revivals emerged during the First Great Awakening in the eighteenth century. But it was the Second Great Awakening (1790-1845) that produced our most powerful student revivals and the prayer movement that sustained them. This outpouring of grace was born out of the Concerts of Prayer in the mid-1780s. The awakening began in the Northeast in the early 1790s and spread to the western frontier by 1800. It touched nearly every corner of our nation into the mid-1840s. For half a century America experienced genuine revival in one part of our nation or another.

As our Students Go, So Goes the Nation - Church leaders began to apply the proven principles of the Concert of Prayer movement to the needs of college students. By 1815, the Concert of Prayer for Colleges had become a regular feature on the campuses of Yale, Williams, Brown and Middlebury. By 1823, nearly every major denomination and university in America was observing a concerted day of prayer for colleges. The churches viewed these student communities as the future of their congregations, culture, and society. They believed their churches and the nation would follow the spiritual bent and character of the college students...

Transforming Morals in America's Universities - By the end of the 19th century, repeated student awakenings had radically transformed the culture and moral climate of many of our largest universities. Many of America's ministers encouraged their congregations to send their children to college, believing they would be safe and soundly converted.

The Collegiate Day of Prayer Today - For nearly a hundred years the Church in America observed a day of united prayer for God to awaken and revive our colleges. In this time of great spiritual need, should not this historic day of prayer be continued? One who witnessed these historic events, but later saw the spiritual decline among America's students, expressed a conviction that it was "due almost entirely to the fact that we no longer observe the Day of Prayer for Colleges... There used to be long seasons of prayer in the college chapel and all-day meetings for fasting and prayer in nearly all of the churches. We asked God to raise up ministers and missionaries among the students and He did! ... 'You have not because you ask not.'"

National Prayer Breakfast - Tomorrow, the National Prayer Breakfast will take place in Washington, D.C. The event always has two speakers: the President and another, whose identity is kept secret until the morning of the breakfast. Last year, world-renowned neurosurgeon and author Ben Carson, burst onto national stage when he graciously explained why many of the President's policies will not work and are bad for America. In the 90's, Mother Teresa criticized Pres. Bill Clinton for his abortion advocacy at the breakfast. The event is aired live and archived on C-SPAN (see Dr. Carson last year; see Tony Perkins on C-SPAN discussing the 2014 conservative agenda, the March for Life, the State of the Union speech and more).

  • May the Prayer Breakfast be used to pray genuine Spirit-led prayers and may Christ and Truth be exalted in every aspect of the breakfast activities (Rom 8:26; 1Pet 4:11; 1 Jn 4:1; Jude 1:3).

No Taxpayer-Funding for Abortion Act Passes House - By 227-188, the House passed the bipartisan bill to expand and make permanent provisions of the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits federal funding for abortion except in cases of life of the mother, rape, and incest. As it stands, the Hyde Amendment requires annual approval. The bill would prevent taxpayer funds from being used for abortion coverage in subsidized insurance policies under Obamacare and more. However, the bill faces a steep hurdle in the Senate and would have to be signed by the most pro-abortion President in history (LifeSiteNews, House Makes Fundamental Change to Abortion Policy, Senate).

  • May God, whether now or later, make this bill law. If not now, may He make it so by putting new pro-life men and women into both Houses of Congress this November (Ex 20:13; Num 35:31; Mt 5:21; Jn 8:44; 10:10; Rom 13:9).

Selling Out Israel - The U.S. is pressuring Israel to hand over large portions of the West Bank and Jerusalem to the PLO, now the Palestinian Authority (PA) whose largest party, Fatah, and its rival party, Hamas (which controls Gaza), are both major terrorist groups who call for the elimination of Israel. Meanwhile a majority of Israelis now have no confidence in the U.S. Israeli alliance, or that the U.S. will come to her aid against Iran. Under the new Obama/Kerry brokered deal, the U.S. has lifted sanctions against another certified terrorist state, Iran. Businesses around the world are rushing to cut business deals. Meanwhile, even before the latest interim deal John Kerry brokered with nuclear Iran, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said the deal would mark U.S. 'Surrender.' Iranian leaders have repeatedly pledged utterly to destroy Israel. Meanwhile some Senate Democrats, in response to President Obama's appeals, are pulling back from a strong bipartisan bill to impose new sanctions on Iran if they fail to keep the terms of the interim nuclear deal (PA Won't Recognize Israeli, Blackwell & Morrison on Sellout, Iran: US Surrendered; No Fear of Sanctions, Interim Deal, see video on the importance of Jerusalem).

  • God, your blessing upon America is tied to Your covenant promise to bless those who bless Israel. Please deal with our President and State Department to rightly represent the American people and our support for Israel! (Gen 12:1-3; Pr 26:23-28; Joel 3:1-2; Zech 12:3).

IRS Targeting on Steroids - In a shocking new step, the IRS has proposed new rules to codify and legalize the targeting of religious and pro-liberty groups and to prevent them from using tax exempt funds for such things as non-partisan voter guides and other public policy statements that could impact people's choices in an election. If allowed, free speech in America would be severely limited and the IRS will become further entangled in politics. The Justice Department has given the IRS a clean bill of health even after the senior official behind the targeting (who has since retired), refused to answer questions from Congress, pleading the Fifth Amendment. Tony Perkins told the Washington Times, "We have seen that this administration cannot be trusted with the authority they have... Why give them more?" (see New Rules; video: Atty. Cleta Mitchell explains rules and their impact on Free Speech).

  • May God intervene to awaken the people and end what must be seen as plans to empower the IRS to permanently tyrannize the American people! (Ps 18:1-9; 72:4; Pr 28:15-16; Jer 21:12; 22:3; Eph 5:14)

Finally, Tomorrow, February 6th, will be one year since Floyd Corkins pled guilty to shooting FRC's Leo Johnson in August, 2012. He also confessed his plan to kill as many FRC staff as possible, and that he was guided by the Southern Poverty Law Center's website "Hate Map." In the past 1½ years since the shooting, Floyd Corkins pled guilty, was sentenced and is now serving 25 years in prison, yet the SPLC remains unrepentant, and still has FRC and other decent Christian groups on its "Hate Map" despite appeals and petitions from across America. Pray that SPLC stops before anyone else is hurt or killed because of their dishonest accusations and "targeting" of those who disagree with them.