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Call it: Take Action to Release of Meriam Ibrahim and her Children!

May 30, 2014

Let brotherly love continue... Remember the prisoners as if chained with them -- those who are mistreated -- since you yourselves are in the body also. Hebrews 13:1, 3

Dear Praying Friend,

Prayer is our first ministry and task, but when God calls, we must rise from our knees to act!

We've already prayed together for Meriam Ibrahim, the imprisoned Sudanese woman and Christian doctor. She gave birth this week to her own baby girl, Maya, in the infirmary of the disease-ridden Sudanese prison. Meriam, shackled to the floor, and her 20-month-old son have been there for months. Convicted of adultery and apostasy for converting to Christianity and marrying Daniel Wani, an American Christian, Meriam was sentenced to death-by-hanging.

Three times, Miriam was asked to deny her faith to avoid the death penalty. Each time she refused. She and her children are being subjected to vicious persecution for her faith in Christ,

President Obama and the State Department have not yet moved to take up the cause of a victim in this real "War on Women." Meriam has been abused and dispossessed because of her faith, and without God's and our intervention, she will be hanged. Reports say that Daniel, now in Sudan to see Meriam and their children, went to the U.S. Embassy there, but was told they don't have time to help.

Will you join us in raising the collective voice of God's people across America on behalf of our persecuted and condemned Christian sister and her family?

FRC President Tony Perkins has launched a direct-to-the White House petition (click to sign); asking President Obama to take the action only he can take to secure the release of Meriam and her children, both American citizens. FRC's Dr. Kenyn Cureton has crafted a Church Bulletin Insert that your church can use to be informed. Please call your pastor and forward this to him, so he can review, approve and put it to use in your church this Sunday. If your pastor speaks, your church will take action! You may also wish to forward this message to friends and relatives. Meriam and her children's lives are in certain, imminent danger (see From the British Press, Maternity Warden Awaits U.S. Newborn, We Need Your Help, Sign Petition).

Thank you for persevering in prayer! With God's help, we will not fail!