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Prayer Targets: Ronnie Floyd on Prayer; Call2Fall; Leadership Crisis; Cantor; al-Qaeda; US-Israel

June 12, 2014

But he giveth more grace. Wherefore he saith, God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble. James 4:6

Dear Praying Friends,

Dr. Ronnie Floyd has been Senior Pastor of Northwest Arkansas' Cross Church since 1986. With five campuses in the region, the church has baptized over 17,000 believers. Floyd, joined with other leading pastors in 2013, issued a nationwide "Call to Pray" to Southern Baptist pastors. Several hundred pastors gathered in Dallas, Texas for 24 hours of prayer for awakening in America and revival in our nation's churches. Yesterday (6/10/2014), delegates to the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) elected Floyd the 60th President of America's largest Protestant denomination. Glimpses from Dr. Floyd's prayer journal can help us to prepare for the Call2Fall:

Here are some of my reflections... as I wrote them in my journal: God's purpose in my fasting is to humble me so I can give all my energies to Him, so He can enlarge my boundaries and use me in a greater way for His service. . . I have had to go through the pain and endure the suffering to be used anywhere. God has given me a new power and authority. Lord, show me my pride as You see it in my life. Break me, God. Expose my sin to me. Empower me to repent of sin. Help me to seek Your face. Fill me with tears and a heart for personal revival, church revival, nationwide revival, and global revival. God, create within me an openness to You concerning all things, freeing me from any personal or ministry bondage, so I can receive all that Jesus wants to give and demonstrate through me. God, confession and a repentance of sin that will fill me with tears and a heart for America and the world. O Lord, show me my pride as You see it. I have been so blinded by it. Cleanse me of my pride. It is sin. It is a slap in the face of God...

I need You, God, to come over me with Your power and Your might. Unto you, Jesus, be the glory and power. I give it all up to You and Your power. I pray today would be the day when God falls on me. Empower my will. I pray for a God-happening. Lord, open my heart to Your Word. Thank You, O God, for Your anointing. In Jesus' name.

Right now, God is wanting to usher in a great spiritual awakening across this land through this mighty gateway to His supernatural power, which provides the impetus for spiritual breakthroughs to occur. When it comes in power, this awakening will be the manifested presence of God in the lives of His people. It will cut through the clutter; it will demand we get our spiritual houses in order; and it will happen only when we keep our hearts and eyes focused on Jesus. This awakening will be nothing more or less than a fresh, new awareness of the importance of obedience to God. It will transcend all man-made barriers. It will come only when God's people humble themselves and pray, stand with God in His holy presence, and see sins for what they are: conscious, willful alienation from Almighty God. The immediacy of the hour calls us to act now-not later.

Revival will not come from the next election -- as important as it is to exercise our right to vote. It will not come when the economy bounces back. It will not come because the car industry or the housing industry comes back strong. It will not come from playing church or maintaining the status quo. It will not come when we do not live like Jesus is Lord of every area of our lives. All of this is a guaranteed formula for failure. Revival, and the spiritual future of our nation, will be determined by the people of God who will get down on their knees, pray, fast, and believe that God is bigger than their circumstances, bigger than any election, bigger than the Democrats, bigger than the Republicans, and much bigger than we are. While we are in a dark midnight crisis spiritually in our nation, through prayer and fasting spiritual breakthroughs await us (Ronnie W. Floyd, The Power of Prayer and Fasting, 2009).

Like the call in Joel 2:12-18, America needs a biblical solemn assembly, a united season of repentance, prayer and seeking God's face in churches across America. Such a day of prayer, called by the Second Continental Congress took place on July 20th, 1775. Three million Americans gathered in churches throughout the 13 Colonies to repent and seek God's face after the "shot heard round the world," was fired on April 19th, when British regulars marched into armed conflict at Lexington Green, Mass. Eight members of the local militia, raised at the recommendation of Pastor Jonas Clark and members of his church, died in the battle that marked the official beginning of the War for Independence.

In 2009, God spoke to Tony Perkins, telling him to launch a nationwide, church-based day of prayer, when pastors would take time during their regular Sunday services to lead their congregation to join together ON THEIR KNEES, in humble prayer for our nation. We have named it Call2Fall (see History). Tony consulted with FRC's Watchmen Pastors' Council. Some felt God's escalating judgments upon America called for a dramatic prayer response, perhaps a protracted time of prayer and fasting. But all ultimately agreed that a simpler response -- one that all churches and believers could embrace. On the Sunday before the 4th of July, Pastors would take their Sunday services, to lead their people in prayer for America -- guiding them to take at least five minutes to humble themselves by physically kneeling. Six years later, Call2Fall has become a movement of churches in all 50 states, uniting across the land in crying out to God for our nation.

Each church should be led of the Spirit to decide how much time and what components should decide the makeup of their prayer time - fasting, prayer, worship, etc. in response to God's conditional promise in 2 Chronicles 7:14. If America is to survive, it will be because of revived churches that learn how to use God-given spiritual weapons to defend faith, family and freedom and how to use God-given biblical tools to rebuild American society on the foundations of our Forefathers. Because of those foundations, America has been the greatest most blessed nation on the face of earth for over two centuries.

America's Leadership Crisis - President Obama is taking the same approach to American reaction to his Taliban/Bergdahl prisoner swap that he did with Benghazi. His own version of the facts and his unbending defense of his judgment defies the intuitive reasoning even of many outspoken liberal thinkers. Some political scientists believe the President has reached a tipping point in his relationship with the American people -- a point of no return in their ability to stand with him. The uneven prisoner swap, added to a long record of disregard for the rule of law, grandiose policy failures, and affronts to the values and faith of a majority of Americans, has provoked some of the President's strongest allies to question his competence and ability to lead. Overall, American disappointment in the President has trended upward following the swap.

Only 37 percent of Americans approve of President Obama's trade of five Taliban commanders for an American who deserted his post in wartime. Among veterans, 68-16 percent disagree with the President's decision. 64 percent say the President broke the law by failing to notify Congress of his plans 30 days in advance. Meanwhile, CNN's 5/29-6/1 Presidential approval tracking poll showed that a majority of Americans disapprove his performance in 11 of 12 policy spheres with an overall job performance of 43 percent favorable and 55 percent unfavorable. The poll did not touch on the IRS scandal, Benghazi, Fast & Furious, religious freedom issues, life, homosexuality, marriage, or other issues of concern to conservative Christians (See CNN Poll; Obama Ignored Military advisors; Why did Obama not demand more?; Cries of Incompetence; Liberal Pundits: Crises of Leadership, Competence; Lawmakers: foolish, lawless).

  • Lord, we pray for President Obama. Your word says that the King's heart is in your hands. Regardless, amid this crisis, God, please superintend and protect our nation! Help us to return wholly to You in humble repentance. Help us to pray, and to urge other pastors and believers to join us for Call2Fall. Help us to meet your conditions for Heaven-sent revival in our churches and another gracious Great Awakening. Mercifully withhold your judgments and grant God fearing leaders to be elected in Primary Elections across America and in November! Raise up the person of your choosing to become our next President! (Ex 18:21; 2 Chr 7:14; Ps 71:13; 75:4-10; Pr 21:1; Is 1:16-20; Joel 2:12-18; Lk 5:12; Rev 12:11)

Finally, the political establishment is shaken by the defeat of the House Republican Majority Leader, Eric Cantor (Va.), by economics professor David Brat, a political newcomer. This could portend more shake-ups to come even for some conservative Republicans. The al-Qaeda resurgence in Syria and Iraq has become a serious problem in the Middle East and for U.S. National Security. Also, President Obama's LGBT Month has brazenly gone international: the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv is flying the Rainbow Flag, in celebration of the homosexual agenda. Thank you for praying.