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Please HELP us Grow the Call2Fall Movement! Just Days Left!

June 13, 2014

Dear Praying Friend,

Our nation is in deep trouble. Our problems, at their root, are all spiritual. Only a God-sent awakening can change this. We who understand the need for repentance and prayer must do all we can to help others learn urgently to pray. Time is of the essence!

The Call2Fall movement was born from conviction that only a dramatic move of God in response to heartfelt repentance and prayer will turn the moral and spiritual tide in America. Please help us get the word out. Call2Fall will take place Sunday, June 29th.

Ought not God's people to humbly acknowledge our dependence upon Him, in our churches or homes on the Sunday before the Fourth of July, before we break out hot dogs and fireworks to celebrate our nation's birthday? God's Word is clear as to what we must do in times like these (see 2 Chr 7:14; Joel 1:14; 2: 12-18; Ps 50:15).

The only way the movement can grow is by pastors and prayer leaders taking time to share the Call2Fall story with others. Some who are reading this letter have multiple means of communication: telephone, email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Will you help us tell others? We must return to God!

Pastors, prayer leaders, young and old believers can help:

1) Sign up your church to Host Call2Fall and get your church on our national map;

2) Ask your pastor and congregation to sign up and to tell friends about Call2Fall;

3) Share Call2Fall with pastors and praying friends and urge them to participate;

4) Use your website and social media to highlight Call2Fall on June 29th! "Like" us Call2Fall's Facebook Page and share some of your own thoughts.

If everyone I am writing forwards this to three other people and asks them to do the same, we can spread the word with tremendous speed. This Call2Fall is urgent!

You are welcome to use anything on our Website, quotes, logos, banners, etc. - Pick from items on the Promo Page, and Participants and Pastors Resources. Urge those you influence to like us on Facebook, and to post comments!

With your help and God's miraculous supply, God could easily bring another 1.5 million churches and believers to the movement during the next 2 1/2 weeks!

You are valued and your help is much appreciated. God bless you!

For Faith, Family, Freedom, and another Great Awakening!