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Prayer Targets: Sam Adams; Call2Fall; Meriam Ibrahim; Supreme Court Rulings; IRS, March for Marriage, ENDA, Israel

June 18, 2014

Gather the people, consecrate the assembly; gather the children, those nursing at the breast. Let the bridegroom leave his room and the bride her chamber. Let the priests, who minister before the LORD, weep between the [porch] and the altar. Let them say, "Spare your people, LORD. Do not make your inheritance an object of scorn, a byword among the nations. Why should they say among the peoples, 'Where is their God?'" Joel 2:16-17

Dear Praying Friends,

Samuel Adams (1722-1803), called the "Father of the American Revolution," helped organize the Massachusetts Committee of Correspondence (leading to the forming of committees in all 13 Colonies; eventually the Continental Congress). Adams' fearless public oratory instigated the Boston Tea Party. A Continental Congressman (1774-1781) and signer of the Declaration, Adams was a staunch believer in Jesus Christ. On February 28, 1795, while Governor of Massachusetts, Adams called the people to a day of fasting, humiliation, and prayer:

THE supreme Ruler of the Universe, having been pleased, in the course of his Providence, to establish the Independence of the United States of America, and to cause them to assume their rank, among the nations of the Earth, and bless them with Liberty, Peace and Plenty; we ought to be led by Religious feelings of Gratitude; and to walk before Him, in all Humility, according to his most Holy Law. But, as the depravity of our Hearts has, in so many instances drawn us aside from the path of duty, so that we have frequently offended our Divine and Merciful Benefactor; it is therefore highly incumbent on us, according to the ancient and laudable practice of our pious Ancestors, to open the year by a public and solemn Fast. That with true repentance and contrition of Heart, we may unitedly implore the forgiveness of our Sins, through the merits of Jesus Christ, and humbly supplicate our Heavenly Father, to grant us the aids of his Grace, for the amendment of our Hearts and Lives, and vouchsafe his smiles upon our temporal concerns:

I HAVE therefore thought fit to appoint, and with the advice and consent of the Council, I do hereby appoint Thursday, the Second Day of April next, to be observed as a Day of Public Fasting, Humiliation and Prayer throughout this Commonwealth: Calling upon the Ministers of the Gospel, of every Denomination, with their respective Congregations, to assemble on that Day, and devoutly implore the Divine forgiveness of our Sins, To pray that the Light of the Gospel, and the rights of Conscience, may be continued to the people of United America; and that his Holy Word may be improved by them, so that the name of God may be exalted, and their own Liberty and Happiness secured.-That he would be graciously pleased to bless our Federal Government; that by a wise administration, it may be a sure guide and safe protection in national concerns, for the people who have established, and who support it; That He would continue to us the invaluable Blessings of Civil Liberty; guarding us against intestine commotions; and enabling the United States, in the exercise of such Governmental powers, as are devolved upon them, so that the honor and dignity of our Nation, upon the Sea and the Land, may be supported, and Peace with the other Powers of the World, upon safe and honorable terms, may be maintained.

That he would direct the administration of our Federal and State Governments, so that the lives, liberties and property of all the Citizens, and the just rights of the People, as Men and Citizens, may be forever acknowledged, and at all times defended, by Constitutions, founded upon equal rights; and by good and wholesome Laws, wisely and judiciously administered and duly executed.

That he would enable Legislators and Magistrates of this Commonwealth, to discharge the important duties incumbent on them, that the People may have good reason to feel themselves happy and safe, and lead quiet and peaceable lives in all Godliness and Honesty.

That he would his blessing... our Commerce, and all the labor of our Hands to affect our minds with a sense of our entire dependence upon Him, and of his great goodness towards us, that when we may present ourselves before Him... our thank-offerings, our Hearts may by his grace, be prepared to do it in a manner acceptable to Him...

That He would in his great Mercy, remember the unhappy state of our Fellow-Citizens and others, who are groaning under bondage, in a foreign Land. That He would soften the Hearts of those who have led them captive, inclining that People to show them favor during their Captivity, and in His own due time open a door for their relief: And finally, that He would over-rule all the confusions that are in the Earth, of the speedy establishment of the Redeemer's Kingdom, which consisteth in Righteousness and Peace.

And I do recommend to the People of this Commonwealth, to abstain from all unnecessary Labor and Recreation on the said Day... Boston, February 28th, in the Year of our Lord, 1795, the 19th year of the Independence of the United States of America.

Every word is pertinent today. This hearty call to prayer and fasting was made in a time of national blessing: the war over, the nation prospering. Yet the Founders knew that continued success in our nation was dependent upon God, just as was our Founding. More than any external foe, they feared America's straying from a posture of humility and dependence upon God.

But the U.S. is not enjoying a time of spiritual prosperity today. Rather, we are facing an unprecedented moral and spiritual decline, and decline by almost every other measure. We are in a fight to save the constitutional republic our forefathers built, under God. Why? Because we have strayed from a posture of humility and dependence upon God. Consequently, the dire biblical warnings in Deuteronomy 8 and 28, Romans 1:18 ff; 2 Tim 4:2-5; Jude 1:3ff and elsewhere apply to us today. So do the positive promises in 2 Chronicles 7:14; Isaiah 1:18; Joel 2:17-19; Mal 3:7. Acts 3:17-21. Which will we choose? Urge your church, but if your church does not participate you can still do so with your family and/or prayer group. Visit and click, "I'm In!"

America needs a great National Solemn Assembly, as described in Joel 1:14 and 2:12-18. But Tony's pastor-councilmen assayed that most of America's churches were not prepared to lead or respond to full-fledged Solemn Assembly. They advised Tony to call pastors - in a small but substantive response to God's urgent call - to lead America's churches in a time of repentance and prayer during their Sunday services on the Sunday prior to July 4, taking at least five minutes literally on their knees in an act of humility before God. Those elements would be the common cord uniting churches across America on June 29th: repentance, prayer, and at least five minutes on our knees, as an act of humility before God. Such, though small, is a beginning!

Equally important, Call2Fall is a corporate expression of our dependence upon Almighty God on the Sunday before our entire nation celebrates Independence, a celebration that belies our bondages to sin, our increasing dependence upon a bankrupt federal government - a government that seems intent upon dethroning God and destroying economic and religious liberty. Our Forefathers knew that our freedom is fragile and would only be preserved by a people self-consciously dependent upon the God of the Bible, the Author and Sustainer of life and freedom.

  • Heavenly Father, When our forefathers called for a day of prayer in 1775, within five weeks three million men and women responded by falling on their knees to seek You. They traveled by foot and horseback, using only printed words and word of mouth to spread the word. We have just 11 days until Call2Fall: Sunday June 29th. Move, God! Help us to use our tools and skills to spread the word. Help us respond to 2 Chronicles 7:14 and save our children. May we use our phones, internet, email, Facebook, and Twitter to enlist others to join us in prayer and solemn assembly! In Jesus' Name! (Ps 68:ll; 95:6; 110:3; Joel 2:11-12; Mt 13:418:18-20; Lk 14:23; Jn 21:6; 1 Cor 9:19; Eph 6:18; Php 1:15-17)

Other Matters of Prayer Concern: Please pray as God leads regarding Meriam Ibrahim, Sign Petition; Good Fruit from Supreme Court Prayer Ruling; SCOTUS Rule in Favor of Pro-Life Free Speech; March for Marriage - Tomorrow; Exec. Order Imposes ENDA on Gov. Contractors; IRS Deletes 2 Years of Lois Lerner Email Evidence; Hobby Lobby Ruling Coming; Articles for Study and Prayer: Prince: A Little Piece Of Land; Israel's Past and Future; Vlach: A Case for the Restoration of National Israel; Israeli Teens Kidnapped.

Nothing is more important during the next 11 days than enlisting pastors and calling people to humble, repentant, united prayer for or nation! And Call2Fall is an opportunity for us to so unite. Our window of opportunity is shrinking, so please help us spread the word. As always, thanks for praying!