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Prayer Targets: R.O. Roberts; Immigration Prayer; In God We Trust; Omnibus Abortion Bill, More

July 18, 2014

Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD; and the people whom he hath chosen for his own inheritance. Psalms 33:12

Dear Praying Friends,

Richard Owen Roberts is founder of International Awakening Ministries, now the R.O. Roberts Trust. He studied at Gordon, Whitworth and Fuller Theological Seminary, and pastored in Idaho, Oregon, Washington and California. Since 1975, he and his family have lived in the Chicago area, near Wheaton College. His private collection of 9,000 plus books on revivals and awakenings, serves as the nucleus of Wheaton’s Billy Graham Center Library. Roberts has written many on these topics. In 2004 Roberts spoke in Asheville, NC:

God is interested in more than the redemption of individuals. I’m convinced God has a plan for nations. It’s long past time we developed concern for our nation. Here in America, we’ve got to have revival or the whole cause of missions that we have been deeply involved in for centuries is going to dissolve. The collective testimony of the American Church is so dreadfully erroneous that the average people witnessed to don’t believe in Christ because they can’t believe in the Christians they know. Hypocrisy! There is an incredible change when the Church is revived and becomes the living, vital body of Christ. The testimony then to individuals is ringing and clear.

America is at a crisis point. [Yet] I don’t have the impression that God is longing for the chance to destroy us. I don’t see any evidence whatever that He has set aside His plan for the United States of America. If things go rotten even more than they have already [2004], if God is to become our enemy in a 100% fashion, it won’t be because that is His heart. It will be because we are content to maintain a focus in our lives and our churches that does not represent His heart. We must recognize the corporate aspect of Christianity, and we dare not suppose that because [a few] individuals are being saved, that the heart of God is satisfied…

Democracy is an outgrowth of Christianity... Now we are losing the core element that made us a democracy while thinking we can go elsewhere in the world and take democracy to them! If we want to see the nations turn to democracy, we had better start sending missionaries who, under the power of the Holy Spirit, proclaim the Gospel that frees men from the love of sin and self and embrace Jesus Christ and His love for humanity…His respect for the poor and downtrodden.

The heart of God is… toward these United States because of men who were deeply committed to make this a Christian nation. O, not completely, but can you name another modern nation that came as close to being a Christian nation as this one did? ... We listen to some of the people who say, "This was never a Christian nation… O, what liars!

Patrick Henry wrote, "It cannot be emphasized too strongly that this great nation was founded not by religionists, but by Christians, not on religion, but on the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ!"

Don’t tell me we had no Christian origins. Men did not write passionate words like that without fire in their hearts and a vision for one nation under God. This nation was founded on the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and governed by the commandments of our God (read the full message HERE).

Roberts is a rare gift God has given to America for such a time as this. His message has been life-changing for those privileged to hear him. I am pleased to announce that Rev. Roberts will speak at FRC’s lunchtime lecture in our DC Headquarters Tuesday, July, 29th at 12 pm ET. Stay tuned for more information!

Baptist President Calls for Immigration Prayer – Christians see the complex immigration crisis from many perspectives. The feds could continue to do nothing; divide America with a nasty political fight; spend and borrow billions and without radical change in operating procedure, make the problem worse. What can we do? Newly elected President of the Southern Baptist Convention, Pastor Ronnie Floyd makes this plea for serious prayer:

As a former Texan, my heart goes to the border of Texas. As a born-again Christian, the Gospel of Jesus Christ calls me to compassionate action for those who are suffering right now as a result of the immigration crisis, especially the children.

Due to the gigantic nature of this entire issue, most of us become paralyzed or even intimidated by it. By no means do I imagine myself as an authority on this very complex issue, but as one American and Christian leader, I must respond...

As Christians, what should we do? I humbly suggest the following:

Love the immigrant - The Gospel of Jesus Christ moves me to call on all of us to demonstrate compassionate action toward the immigrant. In this humanitarian crisis on the border of Texas, the children need immediate attention that elevates their health and safety above all. From my point of view, the children must become our number one priority…

Their long-term future in our nation is a political issue. Therefore, our elected leaders must deal with this issue now.

Fix the immigration system - It is more than obvious that our immigration system is not working. Otherwise, we would not be where we are today. Immigration is a political issue and it needs to be addressed by our nation seriously and immediately. This is not in our hands, but in the hands of our elected leaders…

It is past time that the elected leaders in our nation fix the immigration system… God can do with people what people cannot do on their own.

Pray diligently - We must pray for our nation at this time and for our leaders to come together and resolve this issue, both short-term and long-term. The lives of people are at stake. The security of our nation is at stake. If you believe in prayer, please pray.

As Christ-followers, we need to follow the words of Jesus in Matthew 25:35 and 25:40: “Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of Mine, you did for Me.”

As followers of Jesus Christ, we must extend compassionate action to all people, pointing them to the hope found only in the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Ronnie W. Floyd, Call to Prayer, Tony Perkins on Immigration, Rep. Jim Bridenstine (R-OK); Hear Floyd, Perkins & Bridenstine).

  • May God’s people everywhere, hear and respond to this call to prayer! Only God’s wisdom, guidance, grace and blessing will enable our divided government to resolve this intractable complexity! (Ex 12:49; 22:21; Ps 147:12-14a; Is 60:18; Lam 5:1-7; Acts 17:24-28).
  • May God’s anointing cause people to take notice and may our nation’s biblical motto penetrate the minds and hearts of all who read it (Ps 37:3-11; 118:8-17; 125:1; Pr 3:5).

Finally, more prayer needs: Malaysian plane shot down in Ukraine, 295 killed; Meriam Ibrahim and her family remain stranded in the U.S. Embassy in Sudan; a Christian College is under fire for requesting exemption from expected ENDA executive order, while homosexual activists have stopped their push for ENDA fearing Christians may be exempted; Israel will intensify fight as Hamas breaks truce, resumes rocket assault; Liberal Senate seek to overturn Hobby Lobby decision by law, and to nullify via a sweeping pro-abortion federal law the deluge of pro-life state laws passed during the last few years. Thanks for praying!