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Prayer Targets: Weeping Prophets; Christian Holocaust; ENDA; Israel, More

July 23, 2014

From that time Jesus began to preach... Repent: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. Mt 4:17

Dear Praying Friends,

Rev. Richard Owen Roberts' good friend, Dr. Henry Blackaby (bio), wrote the foreword to Roberts's 2004, Repentance, the First Word of the Gospel." Here are excerpts:

Have you ever heard the voice of the "weeping prophet"? ... Every true prophet of God shares with Him the pain of a broken heart for the people of God. First, he cries toward God, and with God, in the knowledge of what could have been. Then, he laments with Him over the peoples' terrible blindness and hardness of heart, with its accompanying tragic loss amid the immeasurable blessings that are assured by God Himself.

Given the nature of sin, God, in His justice, could simply judge His people completely and immediately. But He, in love, desires to extend His mercy, forgiveness, and restoration to all of His people in the hope that they will repent and return to Him... "Repent, for the kingdom of God is at hand!" ... The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are working all the time to call and to draw people back from their sin to a full relationship with Himself.

This word "repentance" [must] become the first word from God to this generation. It must be clearly and persuasively taught and preached and urged among God's people, and then, to an eternally... lost world. a true prophet to our generation... To me, true theologians are those who have been in the awesome presence of God and have a clear word from the immediate heart of God to their generation. Richard Owen Roberts is, in my judgment, such a spokesman for God. ...

We desperately need men of integrity and spiritual power before God and men. When leaders depart from an intimacy with God, the people soon follow... Their ears become dull of hearing from God and their hearts become hard and heavy, so they will not hear, "lest they... should understand with their heart... be converted, and I should heal them" (Mt 13:15, Is 6:10).

(Henry T. Blackaby, Foreword, Richard Owen Roberts' Repentance: The First Word of the Gospel).

Rev. Richard Owen Roberts, the "weeping prophet Blackaby describes, will speak at FRC headquarters next Tuesday, July 29th at 12 Noon (see We would love to have you join us in person for his hour-long lecture or to view the webcast live via the internet. Please register here, and spread the word to praying friends!

Christian Holocaust in Mideast - Christ's apostles, Thomas and Thaddeus, evangelized Iraq in the first century. In 2003, 1.5 million professing Christians lived in Iraq. The 200-300,000 who stayed and survived the war and the ISIS slaughter received an ultimatum Friday to either: 1) convert to Islam; 2) submit to Sharia law, 3) abandon their homes and leave the country; or 4) be killed. No one doubted, given the trail of burned churches, broken bodies and severed heads (Christian and Muslim) of those across the region with whom ISIS disagreed. When ISIS invaded, American-trained Iraqi troops fled before them. Breitbart News reports that the last Christian alive in Mosul left at Noon on Saturday. Reports say Christians are being systematically robbed as they flee the region. The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) has changed its name to The Islamic State (IS), declaring itself the "Caliphate." Isis Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has been declared Caliph and has ordered all Jihadi groups, everywhere, to submit to his authority. ISIS already occupies over half of Iraq and Syria and claims authority over even more. Neither President Obama nor the State Department has drawn attention to, nor offered American help to Christians in the Middle East, who are literally under threat of an Islamist engineered Holocaust. Saeed Abedini remains in an Iranian jail, while Meriam Ibrahim and her family are still living in the American Embassy in Sudan (see Caliphate; Rise of IS; Robbed; Tony Perkins on Christian Holocaust; Convert, Pay a Tax, or Be Executed; Pastor Saeed Abedini; Meriam Ibrahim Family Still not Allowed to Leave; Perkins to Testify).

  • May God arise and his enemies be scattered. May the U.S. Congress stand up for religious freedom at home and abroad, and compensate for the administration's tolerance toward Islamist extremists and indifference toward their victims, especially Christians! May American voices be heard and effective U.S. help given! (Ps 68:1; 94:11-16; Pr 24:11-12).

Beginning of the ENDA - President Obama signed an executive order Monday to protect "gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender employees from discrimination by companies that do federal government work." Tony Perkins commented, "mandating that all federal contractors and subcontractors -- regardless of their religious and moral convictions -- give special treatment to homosexuals, transgenders, and cross-dressers in the workplace." The order also applies to subcontractors and will impact 24,000 companies, 28 million workers -- about one-fifth of the total U.S. workforce. Government employees are already subject to an ENDA-like order. Tony writes, "This action is wrong... because it accepts the premise that distinctions based on actual conduct -- such as homosexual behavior and cross-dressing -- should be treated the same way as distinctions based on immutable and innocuous characteristics like race." This will allow homosexual activists to subject contractors to costly lawsuits, jeopardize their government contracts, strip their right to set dress and grooming standards, and bully and blackmail contractors and subcontractors who have moral or religious objections to homosexual behavior. The President flatly refused to include religious exemptions sought by some (see Order Leaves No Faith in Business; Voice of America Sounds Off; Will Not exempt Religious Groups).

  • May God's people pray and arise to take action! May the next Congress and President act to protect all who hold to the Faith of our Fathers, and reverse the activist homosexual agenda in every branch of Government! (Ex 23:1-2; Dan 11:32; Acts 5:29).

Finally, please keep these monumental matters in prayer: 1) Israel, Iran & the U.S. 2) Split federal court rulings point Obamacare to the Supreme Court, again; 3) Border Control; 4) God's People's Faithful Prophetic Witness; 5) Ukraine, more. Thanks, always, for praying!