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Prayer Targets: Rev. Joshua Thomas; Obamacare Abortion; ISIS Strategy; China, IRS, Ebola, VVS, More

September 18, 2014

God is the judge: he putteth down one, and setteth up another. Psalm 75:7

Dear Praying Friends,

Star Spangled Sunday, our 200th anniversary celebration of the National Anthem and the turning point in the War of 1812 was powerful. In September 1814, after burning the White House, the U.S. Capitol, and Washington, D.C., the British Army and Navy targeted Baltimore with all their firepower. But a sniper killed the leading British General and the Maryland Militia and U.S. Army effectively resisted. The Royal Navy then attacked Fort McHenry. Beyond reach of U.S. cannon, British warships barraged Fort McHenry with hundreds of tons of cannonballs, bombs, and rockets. Francis Scott Key, aboard a British ship on diplomatic business, slept lightly amid cannon fire, rose early and rushed to see if our flag "was still there," flying over the Fort. Against all odds, it was. The fleet ceased fire and moved speedily out of Baltimore Harbor and down the Chesapeake Bay. Key was moved to pen what is now our National Anthem. As in previous and subsequent American wars, God's Hand was evident. But a Maryland preacher named Joshua Thomas played an important role in this lost episode in our history. The Methodist circuit rider traveled by canoe from island to island on the Chesapeake Bay to preach the gospel. It was on Tangier Island, Thomas' home, that the British fleet made their headquarters.

Before they left Tangier, they sent me word to be ready to hold a public meeting, and exhort the soldiers... I thought and prayed over the matter, and it came to me that I must stand up for Jesus as a good soldier... It was arranged to be on their last Sunday... Early that morning, the flags were hoisted, the drums beat... the soldiers were all drawn up in solid columns, about twelve thousand men... I stood on a little platform ... nearest the shore, all the men facing me with their hats off... As I looked around on my congregation, I never had such feelings in my life; but I felt determined to give them a faithful warning, even if those officers... would cut me in 'pieces... After singing and prayer... all fear and embarrassment were taken away... I said, that Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners.' I told... how He saved me from sin... and thanked them and their Admiral for the kindness they manifested to us... but I could not bid them God speed... I warned them of the danger and distress they would bring upon themselves and others by going to Baltimore with the object they had in view... that God said, "Thou shall not kill." If you do, he will judge you at the last day; or, before then, he will cause you to "perish by the sword." I told them it was given me from the Almighty that they could not take Baltimore, and would not succeed in their expedition... to prepare for death, for many of them would in all likelihood die soon, and I should see them no more till we met at the sound of the great trumpet before our final Judge."

The service concluded, many stepped up... and said they hoped it would not go so hard with them as he had foretold. He shook his head, and said he felt that many that day had received their last call... (With) steady persistence... he predicted the defeat... The army had hitherto met with but feeble resistance... Bladensburg...Washington... Alexandria capitulated without resistance, and now with concentrated force, the whole squadron pours its flushed and confident thousands on Baltimore... In the face of all the probabilities... Joshua Thomas expressed a conviction... You cannot take it! ...Perhaps he remembered that thousands in that city were on their knees, morning, noon, and night, interceding with God! That some of his acquaintances... who by their success in prayer... had displayed power with God, were in the city, and formed its rampart and defense, in unseen agency with the Lord Jehovah! ...The proud fleet weighed anchor, and with pennants streaming, decks bristling with the machinery of war, stood up the Bay, and left the anxious islanders awaiting the issue (Adam Wallace, The Parson of the Islands, Ch.9 1861).

Numerous parallels exist between America in 1814 and today.

Abortion in ObamaCare - A new Government Accounting Office (GAO) report has shown that over 1,000 health insurance policies sold on ObamaCare state exchanges cover elective abortion. The GAO report also surveyed 18 issuers and found that 11 do not notify individuals that a specific plan covers elective abortion until after they already enroll. In five states, no plans are available that do not cover elective abortion: New Jersey, Connecticut, Vermont, Rhode Island, and Hawaii. The GAO report confirmed what FRC has been saying about ObamaCare all along, that ObamaCare subsidizes elective abortion with taxpayer funds. President Obama sold the Affordable Care Act of 2010 (ObamaCare) to the American public on the promise that it would not include federal funding for elective abortion; and if a healthcare policy did include abortion coverage, that coverage had to be billed separately apartment from the overall healthcare premium. GAO found that all 18 issuers are not billing enrollees separately for abortion coverage. Many are paying for abortion without being told. Many others are getting abortion coverage at taxpayer expense! At every turn the Obama administration has misled the American people: saying one thing and doing another - at the expense of innocent human lives. Taxpayers should not be forced to pay for other people's abortions! (see Rules Ignored; Guilty As (Sur)charged; Major Problems in Obamacare; Transparency Needed on Abortion Coverage)

  • Pray that Congress will act and pass H.R. 7/S. 946 the "No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion and Abortion Insurance Full Disclosure Act of 2014" sponsored by U.S. Rep. Chris Smith (R-N.J.) and Sen. Roger Wicker (R-Miss.) so taxpayers are not forced to pay for other people's abortions. May strong pro-life men and women be elected this November just weeks from now! (Ex 18:21; 1 Sam 8:7-19; Pr 6:16-19; 8:13-17; 16:12; Gal 5:11; 2 Th 2:7).

U.S. Strategy re. ISIS, Middle East - A new Wall Street Journal/NBC poll shows that voters widely support the President's intention to take military action against ISIS, but "have less confidence that his plans will succeed." The President's speech was unconvincing. His insistence that "ISIL is not Islamic" is inappropriate. The White House is not ignorant of this. Every time the administration uses this term, it sends a message to our enemies and our friends around the world -- especially those in the Middle East. FRC President Tony Perkins and Exec. Vice President, Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin (Ret.-USA) are united in the conviction that our troops cannot hope to win a war armed with "liberal tolerance," that if the President cannot identify the enemy, how can he destroy it? The House and Senate are both expected to pass a Continuing Resolution (CR) to fund the federal government until a budget agreement can be achieved and continue debate as of this writing on funding to arm the Syrian rebel groups (see video - Gen. Boykin on ISIS Strategy; Tony - Factual Error on Tactical Terror; WSJ - Americans Want Military Action against ISIS; ISIS Advisor; Continuing Resolution; ISIL?).

  • Pray God will give the President, our military leaders and Congress wisdom and courage to do what God has ordained government to do: protect the people, and punish evildoers (Ps 27:14; 44: all; Ps 144:1-2; Pr 2:1-9; 4:7-10; 11:4; 15:22; Lk 14:28-32; Rom 13:4).

Finally, please pray over: the Communist government of mainland China which is engaged in a vicious, nationwide crackdown on Christians: destroying church buildings; removing crosses, closing worship services; beating and imprisoning believers. The IRS has denied Alliance Defending Freedom's (ADF) Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for details of the court settlement between the IRS and the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) in which the IRS agreed to investigate 90+ churches for possible violation of the IRS code regarding political involvement. President Obama will send up to 3,000 armed U.S. Troops to West Africa to help fight the Ebola virus, which, experts say, could kill five million Africans as it spreads, and pose a security threat to U.S. security. Watch Star Spangled Sunday! The Values Voter Summit is just a week away: Please come! If you are an experienced intercessor and would like to be part of the prayer team, send your name and phone number to Thank you for praying!