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Prayer Targets: Barronelle Stutzman, Pro-Life Convictions, Lame Ducks

December 12, 2014

He hath put down the mighty from their seats, and exalted them of low degree. Luke 1:52

Over the past decade, millions of Americans have responded to God’s call to repentance, prayer and intercession for our nation. More and more believers are focusing thoughtful prayer over Washington, DC, and our state capitals, pleading with God to restore to us righteous leaders and to stop those who are hostile toward God and Biblical Christianity. Many are watching and praying, too, for leaders who will stand with the Jewish people the nation of Israel.

I am privileged to serve a growing army of prayer warriors and to connect them with thousands of like-minded believers each week to unite in prayer over critical issues of our day. In the coming year I hope to connect you with the entire team of dedicated leaders and scholars at FRC, most of whom have decades of experience in their fields of expertise: public policy, government, history, politics, law, science, theology, journalism, family, pro-life studies, and a host of other disciplines, all grounded in a thoroughly Biblical world view. I want you to pray for them, and to take advantage of the free inspirational and educational resources they create every day to help you become “sons of Issachar” (1 Chr 12:32) for our generation, men and women who “understand the times,” who pray, and, know what our nation needs to do.

A growing network of pastors and a growing army of prayer warriors are the front line defending our churches and nation against once-unthinkable assault by those who intend to transform America into something unrecognizable and to control the people with immoral, harmful, and increasingly, bizarre public policy. This is what happens when a people has known God, but departed from Him. But there is a remnant that is taking a stand and growing!

Those who pray are the spiritual support team for those God-fearing men and women in Washington who are pouring out their lives to advance righteousness in government. Prayer and effective action are both needed.

Novembers elections were a reprieve – a gift from God to give us all some hope. They were a token of God’s grace. Christian voters made a difference at the polls. As a result, we have the most pro-life Congress in a generation. FRC and Bible-based allies are poised to support the new Congress, and the new members who come to Washington with faith that, leaning on God, they will make a difference! With the help of a vital, growing, maturing prayer movement, they will!

Please take note: In nearly ten years of writing the Prayer Team Targets, this is only the second time I’ve asked readers to prayerfully contribute. Please consider FRC for your Christmas and year-end giving. Might God use you as a vessel of His supply at this crucial time? Please pray, and, as God leads, give. Please pray also that God will move others to give generously, according as He has prospered them. Now is a time when FRC must advance, not retreat. To make a tax deductible contribution visit Many, many thanks! And to you and your family, Merry Christmas!

The Case against Barronelle StutzmanWashington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson seems to be vying with officials across America to see who can take the theory that homosexual rights trump religious liberty the farthest, by punishing Christians for acting in accordance with their sincere faith. The AG’s office plans legally to crush a 70 year-old Richland, WA, grandmother and owner of Arlene’s Flowers, by suing her and her business, under the anti-discrimination provision of Washington’s Consumer Protection Law. Her lawyers, the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), say she stands to lose her flower shop (her livelihood for 40 years) and her home. Barronelle’s crime? Compelled by her deeply held Christian faith, she declined to provide creative floral arrangements for the same-sex “marriage” ceremony of two homosexual men. Barronelle routinely sold flowers to these very men in the past, but when asked to produce arrangements for their “wedding ceremony,” she prayerfully concluded that she could not do so in good conscience she graciously declined. But that was not enough. The ACLU filed a lawsuit on the homosexual men’s behalf in April, soon to be followed by a call from the Attorney General’s office, who offered Barronelle an opportunity to recant, then, when she refused, filed a lawsuit. The AG wants Christians everywhere to know, that in his state, homosexual rights trumps religious liberty. On Friday preliminary motions were heard in The State of Washington v. Arlene’s Flowers and Barronelle Stutzman before Benton County Superior Court Judge Ekstrom. Motions on the merits will be heard on Friday, December 19th. A trial will likely be scheduled in the spring (see Case Proceeds; ADF BlogWA State’s Intolerance; Video Barronelle Stutzman’s Story).

May God give Attorney General Bob Ferguson, and others like him, Damascus Road encounters with Christ that help them see things differently. May they cease and desist from persecuting God’s people. May Barronelle Stutzman’s attorneys be given extraordinary wisdom and effectiveness in court. May Judge Ekstrom require the lawmakers in Olympia to go back to the drawing board to change their law to accommodate people of faith like Barronelle. Rather than be cowed, may believers everywhere get prepared to stand when their faith in Christ is similarly challenged! May God use these instances of despotism to awaken His people. May Americans relearn that religious liberty is our most prized possession and that the sexual proclivities of a small minority of Americans must never, ever, be exalted above our sacred religious liberty!(Lev 19:15; Ps 54:3;  119:121; Ec 5:8; Jn 10:10; Eph 6:10-20)

Pro-Life Convictions Win Elections – Since 2009 polls have shown that a majority of Americans now identify themselves as pro-life. Despite the efforts by President Barack Obama, the mammoth Department of Health and Human Services, and the deceitful injection of federally subsidized abortion via Obamacare, America’s pro-life majority continues to grow. But the November election demonstrates that pro-lifers vote. While many Republican campaign advisors advised their clients to downplay their pro-life convictions, Republicans who made Life part of their campaign platform, prevailed! Nearly every new member of the House and Senate is pro-life, many are true champions for life. We now have the most pro-life House and Senate since Roe v. Wade when abortion was made a federal issue (see Pro-life Good Policy–Imperative Politics; Pro-life Millennials; 2009 Gallup Poll).

Each day the blood of 3000 more unborn American babies cries out to God for vindication, 57 million from the past 51 years. May God use our new Congress and our more-pro-life state legislatures to stop the scourge of abortion that requires God’s judgment of America. (Ex 23:12a; Dt 19:10; Lev 20:1-5; 2 Kg 24:2-4; Pr 24:11-12; Mt 18:5-6; Jn 10:10)

The Lame Ducks in Congress – The House voted to pass the “Cromnibus” with a very mixed, 219-206 bipartisan vote last night, both John Boehner and President Obama encouraging passage of the $1.014 Trillion package, which funded Homeland Security only through February, so that the new Congress can take up the issue of funding and the President’s amnesty order. The Senate is expected to pass it in extended session, today or tomorrow. Harry Reid has postponed adjournment to get a few more Obama nominees confirmed before he turns over his gavel as majority leader. (House Pass; Outraged; Senate Conservatives; Jingle All the Way; O Crom All Ye Faithful).

May God superintend the closing hours of the Senate and prevent any surprises. May our members of Congress be strengthened over Christmas and the New Congress return in January spiritually and mentally alert, with new wisdom and determination to set the U.S. on a different course, one pleasing to God and the American people! (Ps 45:4; 127:1; 128:1; Is 40:31; 41:1; Jer 29:4-7; 1 Tim 2:1-8;)