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Prayer Targets: Al Whittinghill; The Supremes and Marriage; Life in Law; Fire Chief Cochran & More

January 08, 2015

Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord; and the people whom He hath chosen for His own inheritance(Ps 33:12). Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people(Pr 14:34; read also: Deut. 8:11; Psa. 9:17; Psa. 50:22)

International revivalist Rev. Al Whittinghill travels the world preaching biblical revival. Associated with Ambassadors for Christ, International, he was recommended by Dr. Stephen Olford, Dr. Leonard Ravenhill, the Rev. Peter Lord, Rev. Richard Owen Roberts, George Verwer, Dr. Ravi Zacharias, Bruce Wilkinson, and many others. But his gracious and anointed preaching calling for repentance, commend him to God’s people best:

Scholars like Edward Gibbon… and Toynbee…have set forth in great clarity and detail that twenty-one of the last great empires on earth all showed the same common signs of decline just before they dissolved and disappeared from world history…
The Social Symptoms:1. An increase in lawlessness and promotion of the wrong people. 2. A loss of economic discipline and self-restraint; greed. 3) Rising government taxes and regulations, and a growing bureaucracy. 4. A decline in the relevance and quality of education.
The Cultural Symptoms:1. An increase in materialism and selfish luxury. 2. The weakening of the foundational principles that built the nation and made it great. 3. Policies based on feelings and not moral discipline. 4. A loss of respect for established authority.
The Spiritual Symptoms:1. A rise in immorality and perversion. 2. The lure of alien gods and the exaltation of man. 3. A decline in the value placed on human life as evidenced by abortion, brutality, loss of natural affection, and lack of care for the elderly.
Nations ready to die are plagued by lawlessness, economic insolvency, loss of values, self-centeredness and the breakdown of social order. Peace and order become impossible to maintain despite a deluge of "new laws" to stem the flood. The Barbarians then come and infiltrate, and the nation cannot resist. It loses its moral fiber and the will to sacrifice is no longer present. There are well-worn paths to disaster, and these are stark warnings to any nation. They are absolute reminders not to make the fatal movement away from God as Lord of all…
The lessons of history are meant to lead us to the Lord of history. It is really His story, and it practically shouts at us that every individual and nation is accountable to Him. History will end at the feet of our Risen Lord.
God repeatedly warns a nation and pleads with that nation, before He removes it, but history shows that nations seldom listen! The great hope is that God will send a mighty move of His Spirit in the nation and revive it to blessing and a right relationship to Him. In America, true revival will not come by simply becoming aware of our great need for it. It will not come even if we are successful in pointing out all our present grievous sin and error. It will not come because of multiplied meetings to encourage us, and to make us want revival; even sing about it…
We must have fresh revelation of God through His Word – Jesus Christ the Lord. Inherent in this revelation will come the glorious realization of who He wants His people to be. Then, the people of God must choose to authentically respond to Him in such a way as to allow Him to clear up the discrepancies and contradictions. Submitted to Him, the Church will once again become "salt and light" (Al Whittinghill, Herald of His Coming, March, 2006).

America teeters on a precipice: God-sent revival OR irreversible decline? We must be God’s “salt” and “light,” praying and standing for righteousness in our culture, while crying out to Him for the revival only He can send. May God graciously hear us! God bless you and yours in 2015!

Marriage in the Supreme Court – U.S.Supreme Court (SCOTUS) justices will convene this Friday, January 9th, to consider on what cases they will take up in the New Year. Experts believe it near certain they will take up cases (KY, MI) that the 6thCircuit Court of Appeals decided - in favor of traditional marriage, a ruling opposite other appeals courts whose rulings that have mushroomed to 36 states now allowing same-sex “marriage” (Florida began Monday). In October, SCOTUS elected not to review several marriage cases. Meanwhile it is often reported that younger Christians are more tolerant of same-sex “marriage,” and some advocate it as the “Christian thing” to do (see What will Christians Do if SCOTUS Rules Wrong on Marriage?; Florida makes 36 States: Surely the Court will Act; Wrong Assumptions; FL’s Stemberger Hopeful)

Lord, You declare, “What God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.” Yet our judges and political leaders oppose You by decree. “Woe unto them thatdecreeunrighteousdecrees, and that write grievousness which they have prescribed.” What will be our end if you do not intervene? Intervene, Lord, save Your people and save America! Hear our pleas, change our hearts and send the revival and awakening we seek! (Gen 1:27;Pr 18:22;Is 10:1; Mt 19:5-6;Eph 5:37; Jude 1:7)

Moving Forward toward Life in Law The pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute reports that “During the 2014 state legislative session, lawmakers introduced 335 provisions aimed at restricting access to abortion. By the end of the year, 15 states had enacted 26 new abortion restrictions…” and, since 2012, states have adopted 231 new abortion restrictions. The 2010 election swept pro-lifers into power in states across America. In the year 2000, 13 states were considered “hostile” to abortion. Today, that number has grown to 27 states, 18 of which Guttmacher assesses as “extremely hostile.” They say 57 percent of reproductive age women live in states hostile to abortion. Pro-lifers know, were it not for a President who is a dedicated to advancing the deceitful and illegal expansion of taxpayer-funded abortion via ObamaCare, government subsidies that keep Planned Parenthood afloat and pay its executives exorbitant salaries, and the media’s slavish devotion to abortion, we may well have completely won this war. Americans have now voted into office the most pro-life Congress since before Roe v. Wade.

When Congress passed the “Cromnibus,” many conservatives voted against it because it funds objectionable programs like ObamaCare. The spending bill instructed HHS to assure that the law pertaining to making abortion in ObamaCare more transparent, but it fell short of requiring the cessation taxpayer funded abortion subsidies. It also failed to include the Abortion Non-Discrimination Act (ANDA), which would stop states like California that now require churches to cover surgical abortion in their employee “health insurance” plan. (See Guttmacher Report; Treating Humans Humanely, Cromnibus and Abortion; Abortion Surcharge, Dr. Alveda King; On a Wing ANDA Prayer; 25 Conservatives; March for Life, Onevoicedc; Pro-LifeCon).

God, give your people strength, wisdom and perseverance to end this legalized murder (57 million innocent unborn babies whose spilled blood you vow to vindicate). May the 114th Congress, both Houses, make Life a priority, and quickly pass ANDA, the No Taxpayer Funding of Abortion Act; the AbortionInsurance Full Disclosure Actand the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. May pro-abortion Obamacare be dismantled! Anoint the March, Pro-LifeCon and other pro-life plans for January 22nd (the 42nd anniversary of Roe v. Wade) to energize pro-lifers and educate those yet-to-get-engaged! (Ex 36:2Dt 9:4-6; Dt 30:19; Jdg 5:9; Ps 110:3Pr 24:10-12; Jn 1:4; 10:10; Rev 22:1-2)

Finally, for more prayer: 1) In the 12/3/14 Prayer Targets, I requested prayer for Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran. He was suspended for sharing his Biblical view of homosexual behavior among other sexual sins in a book on Christian discipleship more than a year ago. When he returned to work this week, Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed fired him. If Chief Cochran does not prevail against Mayor Reed, no Christian in America’s religious liberty or job will be safe (sign FRC’s petition in support of Chief Cochran). 2) The deadly flu epidemic; 3) Obamacare crippling the middle-class; 4) Christianity, at the heart of American Exceptionalism still strong; 5) More evidence of IRS targeting conservatives ; and, 6) The National Weekend of Prayer to End Slavery and Trafficking and its Saturday Telephone Prayer Call. As we begin 2015, thank you for praying!