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Prayer Targets: Starnes, Persecution; Chief Cochran; Life Issues, Congress; SOHLS; Life Week Activities

January 15, 2015

And all indeed that will live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution. But evil men and seducers will become worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived. 2Ti 3:10-13

National reporter Todd Starnes is on the front lines of the culture war. An author, speaker, and award-winning Fox News Radio/TV columnist and commentator, Starnes’ career began as the newspaper editor at his alma mater, Lee University (’94) in Cleveland, Tennessee. A careful researcher and an engaging, prolific writer, Todd often breaks stories of interest to FRC. These are excerpts from his 2014 book, Godless America:

The perfect storm is brewing. The White House is waging an all-out assault on religious liberty. Public schools are indoctrinating our children with the gospel of secularism. Hollywood is spewing toxins into our homes… What the nation needs is a prophetic voice. But even our churches have been corrupted by the culture… And in those rare instances when some pastors have taken to their bully pulpits to rail against anti-Christian bigotry, their outrage rings hollow. They issue utterances of condemnation, telling us it’s once again time to draw a line in the sand. Unfortunately, it’s too late. We’re already knee-deep in what was once right is now wrong…
Richard Land, president of Southern Evangelical Seminary…wrote, “We do not live in a neutral world… We live in a world that is wracked with demonic activity, and evil and malignant satanic intent. We need to understand that. We are engaged in spiritual warfare …”
Ronald Reagan… understood that morning in America could only happen because of the bright Morningstar. “Freedom is a fragile thing and is never more than one generation away from extinction,” he declared. “It is not ours by inheritance; it must be fought for and defended constantly by each generation, for it comes only once to a people. Those who have known freedom and then lost it have never known it again.”
Frank Page, president of the Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee, warned… “I do believe the day is coming when churches will see outright persecution as well as a continued pattern of harassment and marginalization in this culture… There will be active and open persecution because of the biblical worldview of churches… When you have national leaders who say Baptists and other evangelicals are guilty of hate speech because of our recitation of simple scripture, then you are going to see the alienation and active persecution of churches in the United States” (Todd Starnes, God Less America: Real Stories From the Front Lines of the Attack on Traditional Values, 2014).

The unjust firing of Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran and Mayor Kasim Reed’s determination to stand by it and the quickness of liberal politicians, activist media and liberal clergy to rush to support the intolerant homosexual agenda rather than to defend religious liberty make it clear that we are engaged in what will be a life-long struggle to preserve religious liberty.

Thankfully, Chief Cochran is not alone. Hundreds of pastors filled City Hall Tuesday and FRC President Tony Perkins delivered 31,000 petitions (more, 82,000+, were on the way) to Mayor Reed’s office in support of the Chief. Please pray for the Chief, that he will be vindicated and that justice and righteousness will prevail. (see Braves; NY Times; Perkins Responds; video Pastors, Tony & Chief, at City Hall).

Prayer & Action = More Lives saved from Abortion – After last week’s encouraging Guttmacher Institute report that 231 new abortion restrictions have been passed in the states since 2010, the Wall Street Journal now predicts even more pro-life gains in the states, given the results of the midterm election: 11 state legislative chambers went from Democrat to Republican, for a total of now 68 majority GOP controlled chambers, versus 30 Democrat. Governors? Two new GOP and one Independent took Democrat governor’s seats bringing the tally to 31 GOP, 18 Democrats, and one Independent. WSJ highlighted Tennessee Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey, a leader in the referendum for a constitutional amendment to restore pro-life laws the state Supreme Court blocked. Voters overwhelmingly approved the amendment and Ramsey says finishing the job is “the most important priority” of the new legislature. Now legislators will codify their mandate for a 48-hour waiting period; informed consent; and clinic inspections. Pro-abortion forces filled the statehouse Tuesday to harass legislators by beating drums and chanting, reminiscent of the nasty demonstrations in Texas while similar measures were being considered there. Pro-life bills were pre-filed in at least 10 states, and more are expected. Among them are laws defining “personhood” as from conception; laws requiring ultrasounds; prohibiting abortion after the baby can feel the excruciating pain (20, weeks), to the prohibition of abortion by dismemberment, altogether, and more.

Pro-Lifers in Congress hope quickly to pass these, especially the first three:

1) The Abortion Non-Discrimination ACT (ANDA) – churches not to be forced to fund abortion

2) The No Taxpayer Funding of Abortion Act - make Hyde Amendment apply to all

3) The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act - prohibit

4) Title X Abortion Provider Prohibition Act - Defund Planned Parenthood

5) Prenatal Non Discrimination ACT (PRENDA) - re. Sex Selection, Race Selection Abortion

(see also Life Advances in States; Droning Drums; TN Voters Amend; Rep. Smith Explains; Pain Capable Defenders)

May 2015 prove to be the year when Roe v. Wade is reversed in the hearts and minds of a vast majority of Americans, leading to its reversal in law. May Congress succeed in advancing life in law beyond our hopes! May the President somehow bend to sign them, and if not may the next President, be eager to do so! Until then may more and more women choose Life and the incidence of abortion continue to decline markedly! With repentance, may the curses that are upon our nation from abortion lose their power! (Gen 1:27; Dt 19:10; 21:8; 30:19; Ex 20:13; Pr 24:11-12; Jn 1:4; 10:10-17; 14:6)

Life Week Events: Please Pray!

Sanctity of Human Life Sunday (SOHLS) –Churches across America will focus on the God-given right to life this Sunday, January 18th, the Sunday before the terrible anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the U.S. Supreme Court decision on January 22, 1973, that has led to 57 million legalized abortions. Call your pastor to be sure he plans to advance the cause of Life this Sunday by preaching a pro-life sermon, perhaps taking up an offering for your local Pregnancy Resource Center. Dr. Kenyn Cureton, FRC V.P for Church Ministries, has put together free downloadable resources to help your church Stand for Life: 1) a PDF Bulletin Insert; 2) a KJV Bulletin Insert; 3) a compelling video to show in your church; 4) Pro-LifeCon, FRC’s inspirational workshop Thursday morning, to help you promote life via online technology (Attend in person or online); 5) - literally hundreds of article, blogs & booklets, videos, charts, etc., carefully researched to help you convey the truth about life and abortion. 6) The National Memorial for the Pre-Born Thursday Morning multi-denominational gathering of clergy and laypeople – a semi-liturgical prayer and worship meeting with powerful preaching. 7) March for Life - Next Thursday January 22, 10’s, perhaps 100’s of thousands will come to Washington from around the world to March in support for Life. If you come, drop by and see us at FRC – 801 G. Street, NW, Washington, DC 20001. 8) State of the Family AddressNext Monday evening, prior to President Obama’s State of the Union Address on Tuesday, FRC President Tony Perkins will deliver a State of the Family Address. Please pray and be sure to view it online (Click HERE). 9) OneVoiceDC, a coalition of local pro-life orgs will lead nondenominational praise and prayer on Wednesday evening, prior to the Thursday March!

Finally, there is even more to pray about during Life Week. Our partner in prayer, Aglow International, which began as a women’s prayer group decades ago, now prays and serves in 170 nations. Aglow’s U.S. Middle Atlantic Region has engaged in the fight against human trafficking, epidemic in our cities (Washington DC is the #2 problem city). Aglow will conduct all-day workshops in Springfield, VA, January 31, and Charlotte, NC, March 21 (Click HERE). May we know God’s love and share that love for every human life! Thank you for praying!