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Prayer Targets: A Summons; Prayer Breakfast Fallout; Obama v. Netanyahu ; Super Bowl Sting; Marriage

February 12, 2015

Put not your trust in princes… in whom there is no help… Happy is he that hath the God of Jacob for his help, whose hope is in theLord his God. Psalm 146:3-5

In 1941, Sarah Foulkes Moore (1890 –1973) and her husband Willard C. Moore, co-founded Herald of His Coming. More than writers, editors and publishers, the Moore’s were ardent intercessors. They prayed ceaselessly, often wrestling for funds to publish the next issue of their powerful newspaper-magazine, a compendium of revivalist sermons, exhortations and prayers. Since 1941, the Herald, in itsnewspaper print format, has been published in nearly 30 languages, and distributed from sites in 30 nations, always sent freely to all who ask (see History). These excerpts are from Mrs. Moore’s, A Prayer Summons to American Christians!

America stands at the crossroads! It is either revival or the dissolving of the church, the home and the government. In time of crisis in America’s past, God has moved to avert catastrophe from overtaking His people. In such crises hours, He has found some who would work with Him in bringing new mercies to His people. In every national crisis God has found some who would stand in the gap and make up the hedge against the adversary… God gave them to a deep sense of need, which moved them to intercede for His intervention.
The world and the Church are in a mighty conflict. The spiritual warfare is intensifying. The powers of darkness are massing for the last awful struggle. The church has a powerful weapon with which to fight. If she will but take to her knees she will be victorious.
The need is for godly intercessors in every American church, home and community. More than any other is the need for men and women of prayer and faith who will stand in the gap and stay the frightful spirits of lawlessness, immorality, infidelity and corruption now swarming over the land.
"I sought for a man among them, that should stand in the gap before Me, for the land, that I should not destroy it,"declared the Lord to Ezekiel, "but I found none"(Eze 22:30). This was the pitiful condition in Israel. No one could be found to stand in the gap for the land, hence it was destroyed. In this hour of chaos, are there men and women in your church who see the peril and give themselves continually to wrestle by prayer against the rulers of darkness? (Eph 6:12)
The greatest need in every church, community, and home, is for prayer leadership that will stir God’s people to prayer. Talking about the conditions, bewailing the need for spiritual awakening is not enough. In this day few men and women will actually pray. The greatest spiritual need in America is for a praying leader who will bring the preachers and the Church back to prayer.
True Prayer Is Warfare! True prayer means serious devotion of time, heart, and soul which the flesh does not like. To get under the burden of prayer is too strenuous for our pleasure-loving, ease-indulging members and ministry. The children of Zion today do not like the "solemn feast garments" of weeping, mourning and fasting that enables Zion to bring forth. "Spare thy people, O Lord, and give not thine heritage to reproach, that the heathen should rule over them"(Joel 2:17).
Summon The Prayer Forces! Plenty of preachers and writers deal eloquently with the need of revival, but not many, even in this catastrophic hour, will give themselves to necessary prayer. This is the chief battle ground in our nation. The prayer forces must be summoned. The Church must mobilize on her knees. Christians everywhere must be put to praying. Revival will come in answer to the heart cries of God’s people. "Sound an alarm in my holy mountain... for the day of the Lord cometh... Gather the people, sanctify the congregation, assemble the elders... Let the ministers of the Lord weep... then will the Lord pity His people...And He will cause to come down… the former and the latter rain in the first month, and the floors shall be full of wheat, and the fats shall overflow with wine and oil, and I will restore... I will pour My Spirit on all flesh... whosoever shall call on the Name of the Lord shall be saved"(Joel 2:1-32).

It is not too early to make sure your pastor knows about Call2Fall, to mark Sunday June 28th, on the church calendar. Ask God to grow you as a prayer warrior and leader. Your ministry is needed now!

Prayer Breakfast Fallout – At the National Prayer Breakfast, President Obama offered Christians a unique lesson in humility. He declared or implied that: 1) all religions are equal; 2) the Crusades and some professed Christians’ support of Jim Crow suggest moral equivalency between today’s Christians and the extremist Islamists; and 3) Christians need to come down off their “high-horse” since they, too, are guilty, and have no right to judge, and more. Conservative and Christian commentators have responded with a resounding blast, so out of touch were the President’s words and logic. But now, knowing his sentiments, it is little wonder the President has not taken up the cause of persecuted Christians at home or abroad, nor acted against the ISIS genocide of Christians and other groups as in the Middle East. The President has now asked Congress for war authority, but many question his language, and some conservative members, otherwise prone to sign, say they cannot (Controversy; Distortions; Videos: President Obama; Darrell Waltrip; Words & Deeds).

We look to you, Lord! Help our military leaders, our Congressmen, and the American People to lead where the President has been unable. Raise up godly Governors, state leaders and judges who will stand in the gap for liberty, especially, religious liberty here and abroad! Cause our leader to act to stop ISIS! Help our President to hear and obey your word! (Ex 20:3; Josh 1:81 Kgs 18:21; Ps 94:16; Pr 2:1-5; 24:11-13; Jn 14:6)

Israel, Netanyahu & Congress– By covenant, God gave the land of Israel to Abraham and his descendants forever. He promised to bless all who bless Israel, and curse all who curse Israel (Gen 12:1-3). Dr. John McTernan and journalist Bill Koenig have carefully catalogued the historical cause and effect of America’s treatment of Israel. Yet only God knows precisely how much of the blessing America has enjoyed is a consequence of our blessing of Israel. Yet, American foreign policy has become increasingly adversarial toward Israel, our true ally in the Middle East. The Obama administration has pressured Israelis to divide their land for the creation of a terrorist-led Palestinian State. President Obama has openly displayed his dislike for Netanyahu. While Congress and the American people steadfastly support Israel, powerful anti-Semitic forces are at work in our universities and inside the government to change that. When House Speaker John Boehner invited Netanyahu to address Congress on March 3rd to let them hear our ally’s views on the Iranian nuclear threat, the White House exploded over Boehner’s failure to get their approval before issuing the invitation (Israeli officials say the offer was not accepted until Netanyahu learned the President had been informed). But Washington is in a firestorm, with liberal members and activist groups castigating Boehner and Netanyahu and calling for a boycott of the P.M.’s speech. Meanwhile, with ISIS and Iran both threatening to destroy Israel and the U.S, and with anti-Semitic and anti-Christian violence mounting daily in the Middle East and elsewhere can we afford this pettiness? (see US Begging Iran for a deal; Boycotting Speech; Caucus Offended)

God, arouse and strengthen the American people to support Israel. Enable us to see through the spin. Bless Netanyahu and reaffirm our friendship and commitment. God, prevent this administration from bringing an irreversible curse upon our nation! (Gen 12:1-3; Ex 32:11-14; Dt 28: all: Ps 108: all; Ps 137:5-7; Is 51:6-9; 52:1; Joel 3:1-3a)

Super Bowl Sting – Believers around the world have been focusing prayer against the growing scourge of human trafficking in America. Days before the Super Bowl, Congress passed a bipartisan package of 12 bills aimed at stopping this evil. The Super Bowl is a major target for the sex trade and terrorists. But this year, Super Bowl Sunday also became the target for a nationwide sting operation initiated by the Cook County, Illinois, Sheriff’s Department. By day’s end, sheriffs’ had netted nearly 600 arrests, nationwide. And no terrorist attacks occurred. Taxpayers paid millions for security but God heard the cries of his praying people (see Sting Operation; Security Measures; Taxpayer Cost; 12 House Bill Package; Schwarzwalder: New Christian Liberation Movement; House Gives Trafficking the Red Light).

Thank You for stirring God-fearing men and women to fight this evil! Give our law enforcement agencies guidance to capture the criminals behind this scourge and bring them to justice. Raise up doctors, psychologists, spiritual leaders and caring Christians who can minister healing to the deeply wounded victims of this crime. May the Senate pass the House bills and the President sign them into law. Raise up prayer to address this and other intractable problems in our communities! (Mt 15:30; Mk 6:13; Lk 8:1-3; Jn 14:12; Rom 13:4; 1 Jn 3:8Rev 12:11)

Finally, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said Wednesday that she believes America is “ready for same-sex marriage.” Many are bracing for a sweeping Roe v. Wade-like ruling. If the High Court goes the wrong way, the number of American Christians persecuted for their biblical convictions will grow exponentially. Pray that the Court will rule in the fear of God! Thank you for praying!