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Prayer Targets: Dear Pastor; Call2Fall; Watchmen on the Wall Going Forward; Transgender Curriculum

May 27, 2015

If the Foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do? Ps 11:3
If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. 2 Chron. 7:14

As most who use the Prayer Targets know, the Call2Fall movement was born out of the belief that only a dramatic move of God in response to heartfelt repentance prayer and faith will turn the tide in America.  I know you share this view. Just weeks remain until the 7th annual Call2Fall, Sunday, June 28th.

Will you help us radically boost participation in Call2Fall during the next month? In 1775, when the 2nd Continental Congress called for a 13-colony-wide day of humiliation, prayer and fasting (see below Letter),

History tells us The First Continental Congress called for a day of public humiliation, fasting, and prayer throughout the Colonies on July 20th, 1775 just after the first shots had been fired in the War for Independence.  James Warren wrote Samuel Adams about that prayer observance:

Three millions of people on their knees at once, supplicating the aid of Heaven, is a striking circumstance, and a very singular one in America. May the blessings of Heaven follow in answer to our prayers…

Indeed, God heard his people – believers in all 13 states huddled in their churches - men, women, boys and girls from every Christian denomination, laid down their differences to pray in unity for America. The Lord heard and the result was the thirteen colonies agreeing to declare their independence from Great Britain as a nation under God; military victory over the strongest army and navy on the face of the earth; establishment of a government with limited powers by a constitution that built in checks and balances against the powers of its elected officials, giving Americans the best hope of keeping their government, a government, under God, like no other nation in the history of the earth. It is our hope to see, once again, “Three millions of people on their knees at once, supplicating the aid of Heaven” and that “the blessings of Heaven” will again “follow in answer to our prayers.”

God led Tony Perkins to launch Call2Fall in 2009 through a unique set of circumstances (read his story here). As of this writing, we have had 2,263,545 people who have either participated in the Call2Fall or pledged to participate this June. To have three million on our knees, nearly the entire nation in 1775 (a strong majority were sincere believers in Jesus Christ, the first Great Awakening having swept the colonies in the 1730s and 40s.) Just to equal the numbers of believers who humbled themselves on their knees in 1775, we will need another 736,455 believers to join between now and June 28th. 30 days from today. This is eminently doable. Just 2000 churches with 100 total, 1500 churches of 300 people, 150 churches of 1000 or more would take us well over 3 million.  Do numbers matter? God says “If my people…” (2 Chron. 7:14). What number of people sincerely repenting and responding to God’s promise in 2 Chronicles will satisfy his heart and move him to forgive our individual and national sins and heal our land? We do not know but we must respond!

Will you help us urgently motivate thousands of new churches, ministry groups and individuals who have never heard of the Call2Fall to become part of the movement and help lead millions of believers to fall on their knees, in humble acknowledgment of our individual and national dependence upon Almighty God, on the Sunday before the Fourth of July, before we celebrate our nation's birthday?

Few things are as attractive as men and women, boys and girls worshiping the Lord with humble repentance – in the “beauty of holiness.” The Psalmist wrote:  “O come, let us worship and bow down: let us kneel before the LORD our maker” (1Chron. 16:29; 2 Chron. 20:21; Ps. 29:2; 95:6; 96:9; Is. 45:23; Rom. 14:11; Phil. 2:10). Sunday, June 28th, young and old, will fall on their knees in reverence for God, many, for the first time in their lives! 

Our nation’s pastors are the key. But we need you to work with us. We are contributing to the larger prayer movement. The Call2Fall story must be spread by word-of-mouth by all means: telephone, email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  Please help.

1) Sign up yourself and your church or ministry, to participate, and also to host a Call2Fall;

2) Ask your church or network to prepare, participate, and tell friends about Call2Fall;

3) Share with your pastor ministry leader friends about Call2Fall and urge them to participate;

4) Use your web page and social media to spread the word about Call2Fall, Sunday June 28th;

5)      Pray that on June 28th, like the colonies on July 20, 1775, 240 years ago, America will have “three millions of people on their knees at once, supplicating the aid of Heaven.”

Find resources on our website: quotes, logos, banners, etc. – see especially the Promo Page, letters, banners, videos and other Participants’ and Pastors’ resources to spread the word! Urge folks to “like us” on Facebook, and to post their prayers and comments! You can easily cut and paste Tony’s letter, above, and send to pastors.

With your help and God’s miraculous supply, God could easily add another 750,000 pastors and people to the movement during the next month. But time is of the essence. If you have a website, splash one of our banners linked to Call2Fall on your front page. Send a copy of or link to Tony’s invitation letter to your group, with a brief note of endorsement from you. Those you recruit could be the margin that takes us over the top! If those you communicate with do likewise with others, we could get the multiplication effect working for us.  God could easily take us over 3 million believers on their knees June 28th crying out to Him!

May God light new spiritual fires across America that will add momentum to the cause of Christ as we labor together!  May our labors be pleasing to the Lord and may our nation return to Him speedily (Ps. 85:4-9; Jer. 3:2; 21-23; Joel 1:14; 2:12-18; Acts 3:19-21; Gal. 6:7-10; 2 Thess. 3:13; Jude 1 17-25)!

The 12th annual Watchmen on the Wall Pastors Briefing in Washington, DC, was mightily blessed of God. The Lord’s presence was tangible. The preaching and teaching was life changing. Although the event was for pastors, anyone can view the plenary sessions Finally, many wrote regarding the Fairfax County School Boards 10-1 vote in favor of a transgender policy that will allow “fluid transgender” children – those who change their minds about their gender from day to day – regardless of the gender their DNA declares in every cell of their body. The same school board will vote on a new health curriculum that includes transgenderism on June 25th; public comment will be allowed through June 19th.

Please pray and help us with Call2Fall and this shocking bellwether vote in Fairfax County, the 10th largest public school district in America.  Thank you for praying!