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Prayer Targets: William Federer; The Death of George Floyd; Political Engagement

June 3, 2020

Let every person be subject to the governing authorities... (Romans 13:1-14)

Dear Praying Friends,

William J. Federer is a well-known speaker, best-selling author, president of Amerisearch, Inc., and publisher of America's Christian Heritage. Bill's American Minute is aired nationwide daily via radio and internet. His Faith in History is aired on the TCT Network and DirecTV. These excerpts are from "France's Godless Revolution," American Minute, July 13, 2017.

On the verge of financial collapse, France experienced a famine in 1788. The people blamed King Louis XVI. When Queen Marie Antoinette, who anti-monarchists referred to as Madame Déficit, was told the people did not have bread, she replied, according to Jean-Jacques Rousseau: "Let them eat cake."

Agitators stirred the people to riot, resulting in King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette being arrested and beheaded in Paris in 1793. The French Revolution began with a Reign of Terror. Maximilien Robespierre, who led the "Committee of Public Safety"... gave a speech to the National Assembly, February 5, 1794, entitled "The Terror Justified": "Lead... the enemies of the people by terror" he said "Terror is nothing else than swift, severe, indomitable justice."

Robespierre began accusing, arresting, and beheading: first all the royalty; then the wealthy; then the farmers and businessmen; then those hoarding food; then the clergy, then the former revolutionaries. Over 40,000 were beheaded in Paris. It was an intentional campaign to de-Christianize French society and replace it with a civic religion of state worship.

The new secular government proceeded to: Forbid crosses as being offensive; Destroy religious monuments; Outlaw public and private worship and education; Execute priests and ministers, along with those who harbored them, on sight; Desecrate Christian graves, including that of Ste. Genevieve, the patron saint of Paris who called the city to pray when Attila the Hun was attacking in 451 AD; and Close churches or use them for "immoral," "lurid," "licentious," "scandalous" "depravities." Robespierre put a prostitute in Notre Dame Cathedral and called her the goddess of reason to be worshiped. The Cathedral of Our Lady of Strasbourg was turned into a Temple of Reason.

With great art and insidiousness, the doctrines of... Christian theology were rendered absurd and ridiculous; and the mind of the reader was insensibly steeled against conviction and duty. The being of God was denied and ridiculed... The possession of property was pronounced robbery. Chastity and natural affection were declared to be nothing more than groundless prejudices. Adultery, assassination, poisoning, and crimes of the like infernal nature, were taught as lawful... provided the end was good...

The good ends proposed... are the overthrow of religion, government, and human society--civil and domestic. These they pronounce to be so good that murder, butchery, and war, however extended and dreadful, are declared by them to be completely justifiable. The anti-Christian French government sent its army to a deeply religious Catholic area of western France called the Vendée. Hundreds of thousands who refused to embrace secularism were killed in a what is considered the first modern genocide.

In 1799, Alexander Hamilton condemned the French Revolution's attempt to overthrow Christianity: "[Depriving] mankind of its best consolations and most animating hope... The praise of a civilized world is justly due to Christianity... The French renounce Christianity, and they relapse into barbarism; war resumes the same hideous and savage form which it wore in the ages of Gothic and Roman violence. (Henry Cabot Lodge, Works of Alexander Hamilton, vol 8, G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1904, pp 425-426).

During this time, French privateers (armed, privately operated French ships) ignored treaties and by 1798, had seized nearly 300 American ships bound for British ports. Talleyrand, the French Minister of Foreign Affairs, demanded millions of dollars in bribes to leave America's ships alone. Known as the XYZ Affair, President Adams sent Charles Pinckney, John Marshall and Elbridge Gerry to negotiate. They refused France's terms. The cry went across America, "Millions for defense, not a cent for tribute."

As America and France came close to war, second President John Adams asked George Washington, now retired at Mount Vernon, to again be Commander-in-Chief of the Army. Washington agreed, writing the year before he died, JULY 13, 1798: " have...exhausted, to the last drop, the cup of reconciliation, we can, with pure hearts, appeal to Heaven for the justice of our cause; and may confidently trust the final result to that kind Providence who has, heretofore, and so often, signally favored the people of these United States...Feeling how incumbent it is upon every contribute at all times to his country's welfare, and especially in a moment like the present, when everything we hold dear and sacred is so seriously threatened, I have finally determined to accept the commission of Commander-in-Chief."

President Adams declared a Day of Fasting, March 23, 1798, and again, March 6, 1799: "The people of the United States are still held in jeopardy by...insidious acts of a foreign nation, as well as by the dissemination among them of those principles subversive to the foundations of all religious, moral, and social obligations...I hereby recommend...a Day of Solemn Humiliation, Fasting and Prayer; That the to mind our numerous offenses against the Most High God, confess them before Him with the sincerest penitence, implore His pardoning mercy, through the Great Mediator and Redeemer, for our past transgressions, that through the grace of His Holy Spirit, we may be disposed and enabled to yield a more suitable obedience to His righteous requisitions...That He would interpose to arrest the progress of that impiety and licentiousness in principle and practice so offensive to Himself and so ruinous to mankind...'Righteousness exalteth a nation but sin is a reproach to any people.'"

France's godless Revolution became the blueprint for every Communist revolution, where a bloody killing off the old order was justified in order to set up a promised utopian paradise, which sadly always proved to be a totalitarian dictatorship.

President John Adams successfully led the young nation of the United States to avert war with France. Where France pulled away from God, America experienced a religious revival called the Second Great Awakening which spread across the country. (William J. Federer, "France's Godless Revolution, American Minute, July 13, 2017, edited for length)

The American Revolution was a principled war for independence from Great Britain, after many official appeals over much time were rebuffed by Great Britain -- radically different from the reigns of terror and bloodshed in the French, Russian, or Chinese revolutions. America is unique among nations because faith in God and moral law was paramount in its founding. And our Founders were profuse in their warnings that our Republic could not survive without morality and religion. Even with its checks and balances, the rise of tyranny -- whether by authoritarian dictators or unrestrainable mobs -- was a possibility, as proven by biblical and world history. Sin lurks in the hearts of every people. Unrestrained by law and the fear of God, without Christ and Christian culture, no nation is safe from the evil and destructive potential of sin. America is at a turning point for good or evil -- for Christ or anarchy. The Bible explains the history of this dilemma and provides its only solution. The survival of the rule of law in America hinges on the nation's moral and spiritual health. Can the church be revived, arise to the occasion, be salt and light, and provide the moral and spiritual leadership we so desperately need to survive as a free nation?

FRC's Live Virtual Prayer Meeting: "ARISE" -- Late last night, peaceful gatherings to protest the horrific death of Mr. George Floyd because of a Minneapolis police officer's actions began to wind down across America. Mobs may continue to take advantage of the tragedy to loot retail stores, deface, burn, and destroy private and public property, and harm innocent persons including police officers who seek to protect everyone. Yet at FRC Headquarters, Tony Perkins and a well-known group of Christian leaders -- pastors, congressmen, and parachurch leaders, both black and white -- prayed together and cried out to God for the church in America to "Arise!" Visit to view this wisdom-filled and anointed prayer event. Send the link to friends whom you know pray. Please send me your feedback at

The Death of George Floyd and the Challenge We Must All Deal With -- Some express their anger at injustice constructively through peaceful protest, as advocated by the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Such protest is a constitutional right and can lead to righteous change. Others express their anger through illegal acts of violence, property destruction, looting, and wild mob behavior. The latter commit crimes that do not advance understanding or produce godly resolve for anybody. And they are illegal. Protest is a right; destruction and mayhem is not. Not only is it illegal, it is counterproductive toward achieving justice.

Scripture teaches, "Be angry and sin not, let not the sun go down on you wrath" (Eph 4:26).It alsowarns that "Many false prophets will rise up and deceive many.And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold" (Mt 24:11-12). There are not only religious false prophets; there are also politicians, educators, entertainers, journalists, and would-be scholars who subtly or overtly advocate the wrong kind of anger. We are warned to avoid angry people and not to become like them (Pr 22:22-25).

Only God-given love practiced over a long period of time can reverse damage and heal the wound of racism. That is the responsibility of those who belong to Jesus Christ, regardless of ethnicity. But revenge and violence will never right the wrongs of the past or help healing. (See George's Story; We Need Hope; The Slow Burn of America; Former Police Officer discusses riots; Positive Protest)

What Does the Bible Say About Political Engagement? God's Word speaks to a lot of things -- including our responsibility to be engaged in our system of government. FRC's David Closson explains how relevant Scripture is to everything we face as a nation in this new and updated 2nd edition of Biblical Principles for Political Engagement: Worldview, Issues, and Voting. Every American Christian should own a copy of this publication and read it thoroughly. The time is now for Christians to influence the elections and help determine who will be the leaders of our nation. And if you know Scripture and are even casually aware of the issues being debated by the candidates and national political parties, you know that this year's election will truly be the most important election in our lifetime. Click HERE to hear Tony Perkins interview David Closson and learn why this matters. Click HERE to download the new publication!

  • God, stir your people to arise and pray that your Spirit and Truth prevail as they study the candidates, support those who will advance your values, and be leaders in this time of desperate need for godly leadership in our nation. Lord, many are advocating for voting methods due to COVID-19 that will favor fraud and could lead to making permanent a system that changes America forever. Please move upon your people to be tools in your hands for righteousness! (Ps 112:5; Pr 6: 16-20; 10:9, 11:3, 12:19-22, 14:2, 21:3; 2 Cor 8:21; Eph 4:25; Php 4:8-9; Col 3:9)
  • As always, thank you for praying. Our prayers are more important than ever before!