Watchmen On the Wall - FRC

Prayer Targets: Election; Sins of Violence; Prayers for Repentance

November 4, 2020

And God said to Noah, "The end of all flesh has come before Me, for the earth is filled with violence through them; and behold, I will destroy them with the earth." (Genesis 6:13 NKJV)

Dear Praying Friends,

Despite the fact that there were continuing acts of violence in some cities, the wholesale outbreak of violence across our nation, about which we were warned, did not happen last night.

Nevertheless, thousands of businesses in large and small cities have boarded up their windows until the coast becomes clear. Churches and prayer groups across America have been interceding for this outcome as they have prayed for the election (Gen 6:11-14; Ex 20:13; Ps 11:4-5, 34:14; Pr 3:31, 6:16-19; Eze 45:9; Hos 4:1-3; Mt 18:6; Rom 13:4; 2 Tim 3:1-5; Heb 10:30).

As predicted by many, the election has not yet been decided due to unusual voting measures in various states. Many believe it could be delayed for days or weeks, depending upon court challenges. Many Americans, including the president, understand that this gives much more opportunity for malicious individuals to meddle in the election, for fraudulent votes already cast to be counted as valid, and for valid votes to be invalidated. President Trump is likely to challenge irregularities in court.

  • Father, we continue to pray that you will superintend this election. You know the issues. You know the candidates. You see all things and know the motives. May you be the judge in these difficult cases. Many of us have fervently prayed for candidates because we believe their policies are most in line with yours. May you raise up the righteous and put down the wicked! There is no king in America except you. You, lord Jesus, are our Savior and the "Supreme Judge of the World." Be exalted in the outcome of this election, Lord. Decide, as you always do, in righteousness, without partiality or favoritism. (Lev 19:15)

Sedition, Murder, and Lawlessness Must End! There is an evil and a blindness that has come upon America that must come to an end. Pastors are not preaching about the sinfulness of violence and the seriousness of the shedding of innocent blood. Parents are not drilling into their children's minds the sinfulness of murder. If they are not learning and memorizing at home, they are certainly not in public schools. God's people must persist in praying according to Scripture for violence to end in our land (Gen 6:11-14; Ex 20:13; Ps 11:4-5, 34:14; Pr 3:31, 6:16-19; Eze 45:9; Hos 4:1-3; Mt 18:6; Rom 13:4; 2 Tim 3:1-5; Heb 10:30).

  1. Repent and pray for an end to the taking of all innocent human life, especially the most innocent among us: preborn babies, who are being knit together in their mothers' wombs by our sovereign God himself. The innocent blood of over 60 million babies has been "legally" shed over the past nearly 48 years because many are deceived into believing it is okay due to the Supreme Court declaring it a "constitutional right" in 1973. The shedding of innocent blood leads to more bloodshed and ultimately to judgment. The doctrine of the sanctity of life and shedding of innocent blood runs throughout Scripture.
  2. Repent for yourself, our fellow believers, pastors, and public officials who have not spoken truth about the "goodness and severity" of God as it pertains to violence.
  3. Repent for yourself and God's people not praying and interceding sufficiently to stop abortion and instances and trends of violence at home and abroad.
  4. Repent for the failure of the body of Christ to adequately stand up against violence in public and to personally intervene and help women who are considering abortion not to do it.
  5. Repent for failing to intervene to prevent all violence and bloodshed in our nation, including in places where such violence has been ongoing. Lord, protect livelihoods and property -- people's homes and small businesses. And give mayors, county councilmen, governors, judges, and all who are in authority the courage to fulfill their oath of office and to stand up to criminals.
  6. Repent for our failure to be involved in the governmental and political processes and failure of citizen action.
  7. Repent for not using whatever we have been given to make our voices heard on the issue of violence!
  8. Repent for the failure of our pastors and churches to preempt violence by uniting with pastors of other races.
  9. Repent for failing to intervene and to prevent any and all violence and bloodshed in our nation, for failing to pray for and reach out to those people who have been the victims of violent attack, their lives threatened, their livelihoods and property stolen or destroyed. Such has been happening everywhere and could happen to each of us if it has not already.
  10. Repent for failing to pray for mayors, county councilmen, governors, judges, and all who are in authority for courage to fulfill their oath of office and to stand up to criminal elements within their jurisdiction, that each would do their part to protect their families, their neighbors, their communities, and their nation. Have your way, Lord!
  11. Ask God to prevent all violence planned to disrupt or punish voters in this election!

I know this format is a little different than usual, but I trust you can put it to use. Thank you for being such an important part of our prayer ministry!

Thank you for praying!