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Prayer Targets: Educate or Indoctrinate?; Rev. Timothy Dwight-style Evangelism That Works!

January 27, 2021

Their mouth is full of curses and bitterness. Their feet are swift to shed blood; in their paths are ruin and misery, and the way of peace they have not known. There is no fear of God before their eyes. (Romans 3:14-18)

Dear Praying Friends,

Our praying readers highly value Dr. Kenyn Cureton's (bio) Lost Episodes from American History:

Rev. Timothy Dwight was born on May 14, 1752. Dwight was the grandson of First Great Awakening Pastor Jonathan Edwards. He was graduated from Yale College at age 17, became a Congregational minister and served as a Chaplain in the Revolutionary War. He also became an educator and author, serving as President of Yale from 1795 to 1817. During his presidency at Yale, Dwight was a catalyst for a powerful revival that broke out at the New Haven, Connecticut campus.

On July 4th, 1798, Dwight delivered an address entitled, "The Duty of Americans, at the Present Crisis, illustrated in a Discourse," which analyzed the downside of the French Revolution and offered a lesson to America. Dwight declared:

"Where religion prevails...a nation cannot be made slaves, nor villains, nor atheists, nor beasts. To destroy us therefore, in this dreadful sense, our enemies must first destroy our Sabbath and seduce us from the house of God. Religion and liberty are the two great objects of defensive war. Conjoined, they united all the feelings and call forth all the energies of man....

"Religion and liberty are the meat and the drink of the body politic. Withdraw one of them and it languishes, consumes, and dies. If indifference to either, at any time, becomes the prevailing character of a people, one half of their motives to vigorous defense is lost, and the hopes of their enemies are proportionally increased. Here, eminently, they are inseparable.

"Without religion we may possibly retain the freedom of savages, bears, and wolves, but not the freedom of New England. If our religion were gone, our state of society would perish with it; and nothing would be left, which would be worth defending."*

Timothy Dwight's prophetic warning is another lost episode in American history.

Read and Reflect: Read Psalm 78:54-64 and reflect on the psalmist assertion that Israel's greatest threats were their own sins and God's judgment and compare that with Rev. Dwight's message.

Prayer: Holy God may we learn from Israel's errors and realize that our moral character as a nation is vital to liberty as a people. That, under God, it is our strength and defense, in Jesus' Name, Amen.

*Source Citation: Ellis Sandoz, ed., Political Sermons of the American Founding Era, 1730-1805, 2 vols., (Indianapolis, IN: Liberty Fund, 1998), 2:1380 (Lost Episodes from American Amazing History, 177-179)

Bill Federer (bio) writes "When Dwight first became president of Yale, students were becoming enamored with "French infidelity," secularism, and France's deistic "cult of reason." He met with students on campus, allowed them to state all their arguments criticizing Biblical faith, then he proceeded to answer them one by one. By the time of Dwight's death, JANUARY 11, 1817, over a third of the graduates had not only become professing Christians, but 30 entered the full-time ministry.

Yale Scientist Benjamin Silliman, the first to distill petroleum in America, observed the campus during Dwight's tenure: "It would delight your heart to see how the trophies of the cross are multiplied in this institution. Yale College is a little temple: prayer and praise seem to be the delight of the greater part of the students" (American Minute, Timothy Dwight on Voltaire).

The cultural/political shift in our country has turned violently away from the God of the Bible. Only a powerful, God-sent revival can turn the tide, because a wholehearted return to the God of the Bible is what America needs. Our nation is not exempt from accountability, even more so because America was dedicated to God in our founding and honored in our Declaration of Independence. Our Constitution and laws are largely based upon His laws, and He has blessed us beyond all nations. But we must not think that we are exempt from His judgments. And as Jeremiah 7 makes clear, our religiosity will not protect us in the day of His reckoning. Part of the revival we need is one-on-one evangelism, even as Rev. Dwight did with the students at Yale. So, God's laymen must be able to communicate the gospel and biblical wisdom to individuals and apply the truths of the Word of God to our day. Rev. Dwight had to win students to Christ and biblical thinking one at a time, giving attention and prudently pulling down the strongholds behind their objections to Christianity. An evangelism awakening will bring faith to our apostatizing young people. But we must engage with truth, wisely communicated and modelled. This is crucial because our young people are being pulled away by alien ideologies. Time flies, and if the votes of our youth are a threat to the Republic now, what will they be in the future if they are not won to the faith now? Americans simply must take action to restore truth and an honest view of America's history to save the minds and hearts of our youth -- our future leaders -- and make sure our own children and grandchildren are carefully discipled in the faith and not turned over to those who are committed to indoctrinating them in atheism, socialist economics and government, anti-Americanism, anti-God-ordained family values, and anti-Christian sexual immorality. The young people now growing up without Christ will soon be in the halls of state and federal governments. Christ is the only hope for America!

Radical New Mandates Threaten American Education -- Illinois educators have taken the lead among states in indoctrinating Illinois public school students in "ultra-wokeness." It's K-12 public school curricula is grounded in neo-Marxist Critical Race Theory which is spreading nationwide. A California elementary school is forcing third-graders to deconstruct their racial identities and rank themselves by "power and privilege." Although the curricula has been moderated, it is still saturated with Critical Race Theory, and has just been released for public comment. Minnesota's new draft social studies standards minimize key events in American history and stress "systemic racism" and "marginalization" instead. Cities like Seattle and San Diego are moving in the same direction. The egregious 1619 Project has already been adopted by school districts across the country. But, says, Stanley Kurtz of Watch Illinois, "That is where woke has gone for broke, and America may soon pay the price." A joint committee in the state legislature will soon decide whether to enact the Culturally Responsive Teaching and Leading Standards, already approved by the State School Board. Teachers must "embrace and encourage progressive viewpoints and perspectives." Kurtz says Illinois is about to mandate that all its licensed teachers adopt progressive political orthodoxy and impart that ideology to students. An even larger problem is that Illinois has laid the groundwork for this assault on the Constitution by enacting a "civics law" that forces teachers to discuss current political controversies in class and compels teachers to organize adventures in "action civics" (student protests and lobbying expeditions for gun control, the Green New Deal, and more). These requirements are transparent attempts to import leftist political activism and indoctrination into Illinois schools. Kurtz's article is must reading for every American parent or grandparent. In Illinois, teachers already pressed into the role of de facto leftist community organizers by the 2015 Illinois civics law will soon be liable to negative performance reviews, student, peer, or parent complaints, or even failure of licensure, if they refuse to lead classroom discussions or organize student protests and lobbying expeditions on behalf of leftist causes. Kurtz has so much more to report. He says Illinois' new Culturally Responsive Teaching and Leading Standards, in combination with the existing Illinois civics law, really do formalize the conversion of K-12 schools into political indoctrination camps. Is your state ready? The Biden administration policies will complement Illinois' outrageous new mandates. Biden issued an executive order last week overturning President Trump's EO that reversed the Obama transgender bathroom guidance for public schools. Parents across America are going to have to address this anti-Christian, anti-family onslaught in the public schools head on. (Hear Perkins/Kurtz interview, begins at minute 38)

Finally, please pray over these important matters as the Holy Spirit leads you:

1) President Biden has overturned restrictions on transgender service personnel and will use defense spending to cover gender reassignment surgery.

2) While the Biden administration and the House are doing all they can to expand abortion in the U.S. and overseas, the states are leading the way to advance life!

3) The Chinese are becoming more aggressively adversarial to their own people, religious minorities, neighbors, and the world. Will Biden stand up to them?

4) Republicans from the Keystone State are vowing to completely overhaul the mail-in ballot system that may have wrongly handed Joe Biden the presidency.

5) President Biden has told reporters that "the Trump Impeachment trial has to happen."

6) Social media and others are working to cancel out Mike Lindell, the "My Pillow Guy."

7) CBN News, appraising the political landscape, warns Christians, prepare for persecution!

8) The March for Life will be held virtually and broadcast from Washington, D.C. this Friday (see March for Life 2021)

Tonight, join Tony Perkins for PrayVoteStand! A note from Tony:

Please join me tonight at 8:00 PM ET, along with Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Jerry Boykin and former pastor and congressman Mark Walker, at as we seek to hear and obey the voice of God and walk in His ways. He is our only hope!

Many spiritual bombs are coming our way! As always, thank you for praying!