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Prayer Targets: Fred D. Jarvis; For the People Act; Equality Act; PVS

March 11, 2021

"Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people." (Proverbs 14:34)

Dear Praying Friends,

This important piece was written by Fred D. Jarvis and published by Herald of His Coming. I found this compelling to use today in its entirety.

Christ Is THE Only Hope for the World - The world is at a crossroads. We desperately need a divine solution to the ills of our sick society, and we must find an answer to our paralyzed, powerless church. Truly this is the time that we as Christians clear the cobwebs out of our hearts, the lumber out of our lives, and be filled with the Spirit anew and wholeheartedly work to rescue the lost and dying.

In Bible days the Gospel spread automatically and spontaneously. The believers went everywhere preaching the Word. The message was the Cross. Their dynamic was the Holy Spirit. Their authority was the Bible. With a "Thus saith the Lord" on their lips, they preached the Gospel and turned the world upside down.

Today we do not have the power to turn even a village upside down, much less the world. It is time we lift the level of our expectation to the level of God's Word. We do not expect God to work the way He used to. We act as though Christ has become the great I WAS, instead of the great I AM. It is sad when we try to adjust our theology and faith to the low level of our defeated and decadent lives.

The Only Hope for the World - May God forgive us for our mediocrity. May He save us from our staleness and make us discontent with our limited conquests and lack of power and love. May God purge our hearts with a divine fire and set our souls aflame with new loyalty, love, courage and conviction. Revival is our only hope. There must be power in our praying and preaching. We have a rendezvous with destiny. It is Christ or calamity.

Truly there is only one hope for the world. It is the crucified, resurrected, reigning Christ. There is no other hope for this troubled age. Now is the time to go all out for this wonderful Jesus. God is calling us to pray, to give, to go. It is time to sacrifice. It is time to mean business and to do business with the Lord. Things must begin to happen for God. Revival must come.

The Power of Pentecost - Without the power of the Holy Spirit most of our work is wasted. We need to do more than try and toil. We need to be filled with the Holy Spirit. We need to do God's work in God's way. It is His power and presence that are important. It is Pentecost at all cost. We need to tarry until we are endued with power from on high. Pentecost must become more than an event in history. It must become a personal experience.

The Book of Acts is a divine blueprint for today. The purpose of Pentecost is to empower God's people so that they can point men to Jesus. There is no substitute for consistent Christian living and for soul-winning power. It is not enough to have truth. We must live it and share it. In order to do that we must have God's power. May God fill us with His Holy Spirit, ignite the fires of evangelism in our hearts, burn out the dross, and make us a going people for a coming Savior. Jesus said, "Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men" (Matt. 4:19). God wants to multiply our lives and to give us spiritual children and grandchildren. We must go with Christ after the lost. "He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bearing his sheaves with him" (Psa. 126:6).

The love of Christ must constrain us to feel as He felt, go as He went, to love as He loved and to sacrifice as He sacrificed. What we need is not more machinery, but men -- men of God, men of power, men of faith and men of fire. The Word of God is a fire and when it is preached in the power of the Holy Spirit it will light a fire -- the fire of revival.

Repentance, Prayer and Revival - May God give us a great spiritual awakening that will set off a mighty conflagration of Holy Ghost revival that will burn around the world. May its blaze reach to every corner of this sin-cursed earth. This is what our crumbling civilization needs above everything else. Men are seeking for every solution instead of the right solution. Revival is the answer. There will be no peace without the Prince of Peace. We cannot receive God's blessing until we repent. The ax of judgment is being laid at the root of the tree. The foundations of our society are reeling and rocking. Our sins have reached to the highest heaven. They are a blot on the face of society, an insult to God, a wound in the heart of Christ, a blight on the church and a block to revival.

The tide can and must be changed. Sins can be confessed and forgiven. Let us clear the way for revival by confessing and forsaking our sins. Let us open the secret recesses of our souls to the close scrutiny of a holy God. Let us return to the mourner's bench. Let us rend our hearts and not our garments. It is not enough to search our Bible. Let us search our hearts. Penitential prayer is a royal road to revival. Let us confess and forsake our sins, surrender ourselves, return to Calvary and pray until the nations are brought back to the foot of the Cross. Then only will hell begin to mourn and heaven rejoice and revival be ushered in. God can and will intervene.

The world today is facing political, economic, moral and spiritual ruin. We must not allow this situation to exist without a battle. There is nothing impossible with God. Repentance and prayer are the key to the revival and revival is the key to the treasure house of God's blessing. Let us respond and repent. Let us roll the drums and sound the bugle. With new determination, dedication and depth let us recover our lost power, reclaim our spiritual birthright, rebuild the altar of prayer, confess our sin of neglecting a lost world and rally round revival as the only remedy for this sin-sick waiting world.

We have the truth to transmit, the message to impart, the light to share. A weary, waiting world needs the healing touch of the Great Physician. Let us pave the way for revival by giving our best to the One we love the most. This is the way to stem the tide of godlessness and to usher in revival and blessing. May we claim God's power to complete His task and to carry out His commission. (Fred D. Jarvis, Christ Is The Only Hope For The World, Herold of His Coming, March/April 2021)

Our national and state governments were all influenced by the gospel of Jesus Christ and the vital faith of the people of God at the time of their founding. But our Founding Fathers repeatedly warned us that without religion and morality, our system of government, wonderful as it is, could not survive. Our nation has been blessed. As long as our people and our culture have honored God and the Bible, His blessings have been ours. When we have turned our backs on Him, He has been extremely patient and longsuffering with us, not wanting anyone to perish, but to repent of sin, to bow our knees to the Lord Jesus Christ, to mend our conduct and character, and to honor God.

God promises to our nation blessing or cursing based upon our honoring Him with obedience or disobedience to His moral laws (see Dt 28; Mt 5:18). Changing our national or state laws and so rejecting His eternal laws exempt neither the nation nor the people. We must give an account to God at the Judgment Seat of God, but nations and individuals experience God's blessings for obedience and curse for disobedience, at least in part in this life. The entire Old Testament lays out the history of ancient Israel and what happened to the Jewish people over time when they or their leaders honored God and when they did not -- as an example to all nations and peoples. When the Jewish people honored and obeyed God, their nation was elevated high above all the other nations of the earth, but when they turned their backs on God, they were brought very low. They suffered and became divided into two nations. One part went into foreign captivity, then the other, and ultimately both were scattered to the uttermost parts of the earth. God in His gracious plan is bringing them back together in their homeland in these last days and giving them another chance for redemption.

America honored God collectively in its beginnings, we suffered disciplines and judgments along the way when we backslid, we had times of repentance and renewal, and God sent us wondrous, undeserved spiritual revivals in our churches and awakenings that interrupted the judgements we deserved and restored us back to Himself. But America is on the line. Revival and Awakening, wholesale repentance, and faith and returning to God as a nation are our only hope for the long-term survival of our republic.

If HR 1, the misnamed "For the People Act," is passed, we will face the end of free political speech and truly free elections. If passed, it will gravely diminish the power of the states and give overwhelming power over them to the liberal federal government. And it will hugely diminish the power of average American citizens to bring righteous change through the ballot box. It will multiply the problems we faced in the 2020 elections. (Visit If HR1 Passes; Attack on Free Speech; Bill "Written in Hell")

If passed, the equally misnamed HR 5, the "Equality Act," rather than fostering equality, would foster the teaching of radically immoral, life altering sin to our children across America. It would also foster and legitimize the persecution of Christians and anyone else who is determined to hold on to morality as established by the eternal laws of God concerning family and sexual morality. It will force American taxpayers to pay for abortions around the world. It will irreversibly alter the lives of people for the worse and unleash horrors upon our nation for which we will pay an unbearable price. Those who advocate for these laws are either morally and spiritually blind or are being driven by forces that hate God and His eternal laws. These measures have already passed the House of Representative and are now awaiting disposition in the Senate. (Revisit The Equality Act is Anything But)

These bills represent a rejection of God and His laws in a massive way and a rejection of the foundation upon which our Founders wrote the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution.

PrayVoteStand -- Wednesday evening's informative half-hour prayer meeting was recorded for viewing when you can. It had more on HR 1, the "For the People Act," what Americans can do to stop the attacks on our republic, and what states are doing to fix the problems exposed in the 2020 election. Watch it and pray with Tony Perkins, Hon. Ken Blackwell, and Rep. Jody Hice (R-Ga.).

Thank you for praying, and, if you are able, fasting! (Mt 17:21)