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Prayer Targets: Dr. Cureton, Benjamin Rush; Sexual Assault on U.S.; Jack Phillips; Pray Vote Stand

April 1, 2021

Things that we have heard and known, that our fathers have told us. We will not hide them from their children, but tell to the coming generation the glorious deeds of the Lord, and his might and the wonders that he has done. (Psalm 78:3-4)

Dear Praying Friends,

FRC Prayer Team Targets readers greatly appreciate Dr. Kenyn Cureton's (bio) Lost Episodes from American History. Here are excerpts from the introduction of his book and Dr. Benjamin Rush:

Have you ever missed an episode of your favorite program? Sometimes the key to the storyline going forward is found in that episode you missed. Without it you really can't get the full story. So it is with America. The key to understanding our story - who we are as a nation and what made us great - has been lost. Some might even say "stolen." Karl Marx, the father of Communism, is attributed with saying: "Take away the heritage of a people, and they are easily persuaded."

For several generations now, progressive professors, historical revisionists, and cultural elites have removed what they deem as "inconvenient truths" about our spiritual heritage and presented us with a new version of our nation's story. In public schools, our children are often told that America's first settlers were merely a chance collection of adventurers, religious extremists, and aristocratic slave owners, here mainly for economic gain. God had little to do with it. When it comes to our Founding Fathers, students are taught that their lofty ideas were inspired by the European Enlightenment, not by biblical principles. Further, if these Founders had any faith at all, it was Deism, a belief that God isn't involved in human affairs. After all, the progressive professors tell us that the Founders advocated for a strict separation of Church and State. Consequently, students are led to the conclusion that America is a secular nation. Biblical faith didn't play much of a role in America's story.

[Both our youth and every American immigrant should be educated with the Truth -- the facts that so thoroughly counter the progressive propaganda. Only Truth will make and keep the American people free. We all have the mandate to share the Truth of God's Word with our countrymen. We are "our brother's keeper." Ought we not to advocate for them to be taught true history of our nation, the principles of American Liberty.] Ultimately, Dr. Cureton is for his readers not only to be informed about the rich spiritual heritage that greatly contributed to American exceptionalism, but also inspired and motivated, under God, to help write the next episode in American history!

Founding Father Benjamin Rush was born on January 4, 1745. A renowned physician, educator and philanthropist, Rush was a member of the Continental Congress (1776-77) and a signer of the Declaration of Independence.

In 1774, Rush was a founder and president of the Pennsylvania Society for Promoting the Abolition of Slavery. During the War for Independence, Rush served as the Surgeon General of the Continental Army (1777-78). He also helped found and was vice-president of the Philadelphia Bible Society. Additionally, Rush was an avid supporter of the American Sunday School Union. He helped write the Pennsylvania Constitution and served as Treasurer of the U.S. Mint (1797-1813). He wrote:

"The only foundation for a useful education in a republic is to be laid in religion. Without this there can be no virtue, and without virtue there can be no liberty, and liberty is the object and life of all republican governments...

"We profess to be republicans, and yet we neglect the only means of establishing and perpetuating our republican forms of government, that is, the universal education of our youth in the principles of Christianity by the means of the Bible. For this Divine Book, above all others, favors that equality among mankind, that respect for just laws, and those sober and frugal virtues, which constitute the soul of republicanism." *

The faith of Founding Father Benjamin Rush is another lost episode in American history.

Read and Reflect: Read Psalm 119:129-36 and reflect on the impact of God's word on a life and compare that with Founder Benjamin Rush's thoughts on its importance in education.

Prayer: Father, we are grateful for your incomparable word. The entrance of your word gives light. Grant that your word would be welcomed again in our schools, in Jesus' Name, Amen.

*Source Citation: Benjamin Rush, Essays, Literary, Moral and Philosophical (Philadelphia: Printed by Thomas and William Bradford, 1806), 8, 93-94.

The war for the soul of our nation has been in progress for many decades. It has been a war against traditional values, but far more significant, against God, the Bible, self-evident Truth, and common-sense truth our Founding Fathers spoke of. God has called all who hold to the Truth of Scripture to train up their children according to that Truth and be ambassadors and teachers of Truth to everyone they can reach. We are not just to preach, but to teach and train -- to disciple men and women, boys and girls with the Truth. If we do not, they will believe lies.

Dictators in the past knew that whoever wins the minds of the youth wins the future of the nation. That is why these dictators feared the influence of vital Christianity and went to extremes to control, silence, and persecute Christians and other religious groups. It is why LGBT activists targeted our schools and universities, why the American Library Association targeted our public libraries to present Drag Queen Story Hours to small children, why they targeted high schools through Planned Parenthood and Boy Scouts. What has happened to the Boy Scouts is a picture of what will happen to others wherever licentious sexual behavior is tolerated, protected, encouraged, promoted, honored, or taught.

As to targeting youth, President Biden's appointee, Dr. Rachel Levine, the newly confirmed Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services, a biological man who presents himself as a woman, while serving as Pennsylvania's secretary of health, advocated sex changes for children and adolescents. (FRC Press Release, First in Trans Advocacy).

We have allowed supra-liberal teachers unions and pro-abortion, anti-Christian, "progressive education" lobbies, including the apparatus of the entire LGBT movement, with lobbyists and "advisors" who have become masters of intrigue and influence in business, government, and education establishments at every level, to have more influence in them than God's people. And God has been shut out of American public education except for novel expressions of alien religious traditions and practices. Planned Parenthood, SIECUS, Southern Poverty Law Center, Human Rights Watch, HRC Youth Sex Ed Coalition Resources, HRC Advisory Councils, American library Association, National Women's Law Center, scores of lesser known but influential pro-LGBTQ organizations and coalitions, some state agencies, and now, under the Biden administration, federal agencies and many big businesses, social media giants, and sports associations are working apart and together to wiggle in, gain influence, and wield power among teachers and young people from elementary school through graduate school. By concentrating on reaching young minds for decades, they have acquired broad influence, gained allies in big business, captured employee and HR programs in business and government, and now have White House Executive Orders to bolster their power, with advocates in the executive offices of every federal agency, including the Armed Forces. If the Equality Act is somehow passed in the Senate (we are all praying that it will never reach President Biden's desk), the sexual revolution will be fully entrenched, with little to no religious exemptions and laws providing protection to people of faith.

In the natural realm, only a legal uprising by the conservative states and the election of conservatives in Congress in the next election can slow or stop America's "slouch toward Sodom" (the slouch is now a race within inches of the finish line) from becoming permanent. We must do all we can do as we cry out to Almighty God, asking him to do what only he can do. We desperately need sweeping Revival in our churches and a God-sent spiritual Awakening across America. Such is our only hope for lasting social and cultural change.

If not stopped public schools will indoctrinate our children with LGBTQ ideology and allowing transgender-professing boys and girls to use the restrooms, locker rooms, and showers opposite of their biological sex. This will not only lead to disaster for our children, but it will also bring disaster to our public schools, just as throwing out sensible moral boundaries has brought disaster to the Boy Scouts.

President Biden tweeted while campaigning, "Let's be clear: Transgender equality is the civil rights issue of our time." Then, on January 20, Inauguration Day, he issued an executive order on the subject. In it he reiterated the Obama-Biden philosophy that drove the administration's transgender guidance sent to schools across America in 2016, suggesting that their federal funding would be in jeopardy if they denied transgender students access to the restrooms, locker rooms, and school sports of their choice.

  • Heavenly Father, as we read through Jeremiah and Ezekiel in our Stand on the Word two-year Bible reading program, you are the only true God -- a God of righteousness and justice as well as a God of grace and mercy. In these books, you warn of the judgment to come on the nation of Judah and banishment to slavery in Babylon. You warned of the obliteration of Jerusalem. You also warned of the retribution upon the nations that did harm to your people even though they were tools in your hands to punish your rebellious and disobedient people. God, we have sinned as a people. Our sins are among the those you declare as abominable to you. Lord, you promise to deal with as you did Sodom and Gomorrah regarding the sexual sin that has so deeply infected our nation. Yet according to expert researchers, pornography use is widespread in the church, even among pastors. Sexual sin is rampant just as it was when you brought destruction on Jerusalem and allowed the Babylonians to prevail over Judah. God, we plead with you for correction and not judgment, revival, and reformation, not the harsh judgment we deserve. Give your church opportunity to repent, to pray, and to share the gospel of repentance and salvation with our fellow countrymen as you have commanded us to do. God, we throw ourselves on your mercy. Enable your people to stand for the truth and not to buckle to threats and even laws that would demand that we bow to idols of immorality. God, our hope is in you! (Sexual Sin -- Gen 1:26-27; 2:22-25; Lev 18:22; 1 Kings 14:24; Rom 1:18-32; 1 Cor 6:9-11; 1 Tim 1:8-10; 1 Jn 2:2; Jude 7; Justice -- Gen 1:27; Dt 10:17; Ps 67:5; Eze 33:20; Acts 10:34-35; Rom 2:6-11; 12:2; Col 3:10-11; 1 Tim 5:21; 2 Pet 3:9)

Cakemaker Jack Phillips is back in Court -- Last year's Bostock decision issued by the U.S. Supreme Court opened wide the door for LGBTQ and other sexual activists to sue business people who refuse to accommodate their sexual ideology and practices -- unwilling to agree to use their creative talent to aid and abet activities forbidden by their biblical faith. Colorado cakemaker Jack Phillips has been in litigation with the state and private citizens for eight years. Yet now, despite his U.S. Supreme Court victory in a similar same-sex marriage wedding cake case, the lawyer litigant who dropped a related case in 2018 is suing Jack again. This time, with an unbending Colorado agency's encouragement, Phillips is being sued in civil court for refusing to create a cake for him to celebrate his gender transition from being a biological man to presenting as a woman. For eight years, Jack has spent numerous days in co urt, endured harassment by sexual activists, lost much of his business, been forced to lay off several employees, and endure innumerable threats. He must now continue suffering targeted abuse. The courts could see a veritable tsunami of anti-Christian lawsuits like these by sexual identity activists if the mislabeled "Equality Act" or "Fairness for All Act" become law.

  • Father, our nation has lost its moral compass. You warn us in Scripture and our Founders warned us that without morality, our family, our institutions, our Republic could not survive. We are in a time of crisis. Send your Spirit, as you did at Pentecost, to empower your people and enable us to preach the gospel fearlessly, to stand up under persecution, and somehow win the western world for Christ. Enable America and the nations with your truth and your loving mercy through Christ. Help our brother Jack Phillips; protect and vindicate him yet again, we pray, and keep him in the palm of your hand. In Jesus' name, amen (Injustice -- Lev 19:5; Ps 33:5; Pr 21:25; 28:5, 9;29:25-26; Is 1:17; 61:8; Micah 6:8; Mat 10:28; Acts 5:27-29; Rom 12:1-2; 2 Cor 5:9; Gal 1:10; Eph 5:10; 1Thes 2:4).
  • Pray Vote Stand -- Each Wednesday night at 8:00 p.m. ET, we ask you to join us for a time of information and prayer. Last night we prayed for Governor Asa Hutchinson to sign the SAFE Act. Tony Perkins was joined by Franklin Graham and state Rep. Robin Lundstrum, sponsor of the SAFE Act. Watch the recorded prayer gathering and join with us in prayer for Governor Hutchison.

As always, thank you for praying!