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Pulpit Freedom Sunday

Pastor we encourage you to do two things on Sunday, October 2:

  1. Preach an Election Sermon. Traditionally, Pulpit Freedom Sunday pastors have spoken directly and scripturally about candidates, and that is your constitutional right. However, you may only want to keep it general and simply encourage your church members to exercise their stewardship responsibility to be salt and light in the election process, and that is your right as well. Regardless, preach to your congregation on October 2 about their responsibility to participate in the upcoming elections. We have some Sermon Starters, Videos and other Tools below.
  2. Prompt your Church Members to Call Congress. Congress passed the Johnson Amendment in 1954, and they need to repeal it now so that the muzzle is taken off ministers. Encourage your church members to call their members of Congress at (202) 224-3121 and urge them to pass legislation eliminating the current IRS rules infringing on the free speech rights of churches and non-profit organizations on political matters.

Since biblical times, spiritual leaders have boldly addressed government officials and their public policies. Indeed, from the very beginnings of this nation, pastors were on the leading edge of shaping public debate and the choice of public servants with the transcendent truths of Scripture. For instance, Dr. Martin Luther King was a clergyman, and the political involvement of African-American churches was integral to progress in the civil rights movement. Where would we be now if these pastors had not made their voices heard on the social issue of their time?

Yet today many pastors and churches have been bullied by the IRS into silence when it comes to preaching the whole counsel of God, particularly as it applies to electing godly leaders and promoting righteous and just laws. The IRS justification? A 1954 amendment to the tax code by then Senator Lyndon Johnson.

However, government has no right to muzzle ministers or dictate what pastors can and cannot preach from the pulpit! We should follow Peter’s lead when he told the authorities: “We must obey God rather than men” (Acts 5:29).


Pulpit Freedom Sunday Videos


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