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Virginia Pastors,

Our mission is to "Champion Pastors to Transform America" The reason? The problems we face in this nation are not just economic problems or cultural problems or even racial problems, even though they manifest that way. At the root, the problems we wrestle with are spiritual. Consequently. if we are to experience renewal as a nation, pastors must lead the way. So thanks for your leadership!

As a part of your role of equipping the saints to be the "Salt and Light," we want to offer our tools and personnel to help, particularly since voters will go to the polls and select a governor and other executive level officers as well as members of the Assembly and state Senate.

  • Election Day: This Tuesday, November 7!
  • Virginia Voter Guide (IRS, 501c3 compliant): Click Here to Download, Print, and Distribute this Sunday!
  • Worship Slide Announcement: Click Here to Download, and please Show this in your rotation of Announcement Slides.
  • Election Prayer Guide: Click here to Download, and please dedicate time in your Worship service to pray for the election
  • Exclusive Conference Call with Historian David Barton: Click Here to Listen as David explains how pastors and our churches can make the difference.
  • Pastors Tools and Resources: We have many resources, such as sermon starters and bulletin inserts available to you on our Resources page.

Just imagine the impact people of faith could have on the character of our government, the quality of its leadership and the direction of the state if everyone eligible would simply get registered to vote, get educated on the candidates, and go vote their biblical values!

God bless you and thanks again for your service to the citizens in Virginia. We truly appreciate what you do to advance His Kingdom and His Righteousness (Matt. 6:33)!